January 15, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris

Welcome to Van Best... West!

This has been a strange week. Not only did Elder Ferris and I whitewash into the area, we had some major changes in the ward. So the transfer boards said we would be covering the Vancouver 1st and Hazel Dell wards. It just so happened that the Sunday before transfers, the stake changed up the ward boundaries and dissolved the Hazel Dell ward. The old hazel Dell ward was combined with van 1st, with a few chunks going to other wards. So half of our investigators are in other wards now, ward council is scrambling to combine two wards and random families from other wards, and we can't find many of the notes that Elder Kirby left us.
We live with Brother and Sister Heilman. They were members of the hazel Dell ward and now belong to the van 1st ward. They seem cool, but we haven't had a lot of time to get to know them yet because we've been super busy with the whitewash, just trying to meet everyone.
We are spending today playing boardgames and they started Catan before I could get there 😂. Something cool we do here is we clean the glass at an indoor soccer field to pay for entrance on P day. It was Sooooooooo much fun but I just about died because I was out of breath quickly. My companions so far don't like to run so I don't get out much.
It's been crazy being part of this whitewash, but we has seen the Lord's hand all over the place. Sadly, not with our investigators (they are still to busy to meet with us) but though the ward. Our first night here, we randomly stopped by the family who signed up to feed us dinner. The less active member living next door to our investigator called us up to help our investigators move. Which was sad because we don't get to teach them but because we were there, we were able to get their address and forward their teaching records to their new Elders. Bishop was able to met us on our second day, the previous bishop the third. Because if everything that keeps happening, we have been able to get our feet under us fairly fast. Now if we can just find some more investigators! 😆(the struggle of every missionary) And the Lord is helping us there. We got a text this morning from a less active who just moved in to the ward. He has a friend who is interested in hearing more and wants to meet tonight!
Love y'all, have a good week,
Elder Nielsen


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