December 18, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Turner

Week before Christmas

Morning! How are you all?
This has been a good week, with some weird twists in it. Friday we were invited to help someone move out of the ward. We were supposed to be there for just a couple hours with lots of people there. Instead, there was 5 of us and we were there for much longer than we wanted. It was good though, we got to spend that time with a nonmember in our ward who love to serve. He seems to be opening up in the past month too, we have hopes that he will join the church in the next year.
President McAteer told me I'm going to be transferred in January. He doesn't like to keep missionaries in an area for more than 6 months. So I'll find out where I'm going on the 6th and transfers will be the 10th. It's been fun, I've enjoyed being here in Castle Rock, there are a lot of good people. It's super pretty up towards the mountain too, sadly I have been able visit St Hellans yet.
I saw something really cool while we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week: our appointment fell through so we decided to knock a few doors on the way to the next area. We met a lady and her daughter, who said thanks but they already had a church. We talked just a little bit more, about how great it was that they have a faith in Christ and how that is something the world needs. Then she blew my socks off by asking for the pamphlet I was holding! She was going to have her daughter read it to her! 😲😁😎 it was awesome. We set up a time to go back and share a Christmas message with them when everyone is home. #TheLorddoesntdorandom
This week I've been reading though the story of King Limhi and his people. I've loved reading about Abinadi and I just got to when Alma gets banished for believing in Abinadi's message. I don't have my notes on me, but I loved Abinadi's testimony of the Savior. He goes off on the priests because they don't understand the scriptures and explains what Christ will/has done for all of us.
I can't believe that Christmas is next week! I know I've been out for almost six months, but the time has flown by. I'm glad I've been out here though. Even though I've always known the Church is true, and that Christ is our Savior, it has never ment more to me than now. It has taught me what the gospel truly means and what it does for me and others.
Have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Nielsen


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