December 11, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Turner

Christmas is coming

Today was great! I was invited to help with "tech" set up for the Christmas talent show for the Christmas mission conference. It was a lot of fun and though it wasn't as in depth as being a part of a theater, it tested some skills. I forgot how good it feels to do things like that, getting things to work, organizing people and programs, coordinating with a team to put a production together. There's a special kind of satisfaction to that- if you have the head for it cause it can be stressful. But after the talents and lunch, having fun with other missionaries, we had our Christmas devotional. We do this thing during all conferences called departing testimonies, which is where those who will be going home after this transfer, shared a lot about the joys of this gospel and missionary work. It was a really cool contrast, temporal and spiritual. I really enjoyed being part of the tech for that show, but... There's a different kind of joy that comes from understanding and applying the gospel. And seeing people find that joy. It's greater than anything I can find on earth (probably because it's eternal? 😂). And now the scripture chain. D&C 18:13,15-16 Alma 29:9 the joys of the gospel. 2 Nephi 2:11. Alma 27:16-18. The Lord is good and doesn't do random.

Love y'all,
Elder Nielsen


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