December 4, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Turner

Da three wise guys

We got the opportunity to help with the Festival of Nativities quite a bit this week. Monday we helped set up the tables and props, Friday night we were wise men with a recent YSA convert, saturday we were the four wise men, and Sunday they needed an inn keeper (and we were hoping to catch one of our investigators there). It's been a lot of fun, and while acting isn't one of my specialties, I'm still counting that for my #LightTheWorld for Sunday. 😂 I wasn't a very good stern inn keeper though, I couldn't help but smile with people.

We get an all day p day today. President said that we could add the time we spent helping tear down the Festival of Nativities on to the end of the day. So we showed up at 10am and weren't done until about 3:30pm. Unless we have any appointments we need to go to but it will be nice.

Miracle story:
On Monday, President McAteer gave us permission to do our shopping right after p day since we spent a lot of our time helping with such a good cause. While we were at Winco getting our supplies, this extreme coupon lady recognized us as missionaries. She wasn't really interested in our message but then her son walked up. He was interested, took a plan of salvation pamphlet, and gave us his contact info. Sadly, he lives in Longview and is YSA age, so we referred him to the YSA elders. We got a call from them the next day after they had met and taught him the first discussion. He was golden! Asked all the right questions, and excepted everything! He was going to come for a church tour Saturday and be at church Sunday. Then we find out they went to the temple visitors center and accepted a baptismal date on the ride on the ride home! Goes to show the Lord is preparing people and will guide us to find them. He would have never had his questions answered and we would never have met him if we hadn't helped with the Festival of Nativities.

It's been a good week. Lots of good things happened and a lot of disappointing things happened- only, they should have been disasters but nothing came of them. It was strange but relieving to know that it all worked out.

Hope y'all have a good week, love ya,
Elder Nielsen


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