November 13, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Turner

Just another week

Hi y'all!
It's been a fun week, with ups and downs, but all around, we had some sweet experiences. On the dessert scale, we have a solid 8/10: German chocolate cake, banana bread, 48 chocolate chip cookies, cranberry bread, chocolate peanut Marshmello things, and pumpkin pie. And I honestly don't know what to do with it all. 😊 It'll all get eaten at some point.
Want to hear something cool? Missionaries have been working with an Ex-Jehovah's Witness here for over a year, and we had lunch with him on Friday. He basicly told us that he doesn't believe in God, would like to, but probably will never. But he does appreciate a scripture every now and then. So Saturday night, we messaged him a bible verse to help him find God, but he counters it. According to John 6:44, he isn't going to find God if God doesnt wants to be found. How's he going to find God if he feels like God doesn't want to be found? Joseph Smith Translations! So we send him what the verse really says... And he found himself at the pulpit during fast and testimony meeting saying he might need to start stepping out in faith. We were excited. 😐😒😟🤣😂
First miracle of the day, I woke up. Then the rain came and poured hard. Second miracle if the day, blue sky! Everyone says this is a strange thing, but we'll see.
Using Facebook is weird. They haven't come out and said much about how to use it besides it's a tool and don't abuses it. If only 50% of the ward actually used social media, I'd be stoked. We have had some cool lessons over Facebook messenger and figured out where some people disappear to (hospital 😯). If only our smartphones had service in our area...
The Church is true, miracles exist, Jacob 4 and alma 38:5.
Love y'all!
Elder Nielsen


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