October 3, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Corbin Tenney

conference weekend

So I am dying. First my companion becomes the new tech specialist (ipads, phones, ect.) and has many, MANY, secrets he can't spill about what is happening with the mission in the next short while. Second, the general conference talks aren't avalible to read for another two days. And third, I have to wait 2 years to catch up on books! But that's ok, it means I wont get distracted from the best book in the world, the BoM! (just don't talk about it in an airport, there have been several missionaries who have made that mistake) Conference was sooooooo cool though, we got to watch it with several members and two investigators who are GOLDEN! We're just trying to refine them a little so they feel like pure gold. Which reminds me of a talk but I can't remember the specifics cause I can't read it yet. SOOO, I'll speal about conference next time.
Castle Rock is a growing place for missionaries, we don't find a lot of investigators at times but we have been seeing a lot of progress from part member families (PMF). There are a few that might get baptized soon.

We have some exciting news as a mission, I don't know many details or what I'd be allowed to share, but I'm one of the first and last generations of missionaries with samsung tablets in this mission and hopefullly I remember some of my passwords :). Elder Tenney, who is in on all of it but can't tell me anything yet, is both scared and excited about the changes coming. It will be awesome for the work but the missionaries will to be super careful they don't get snaged by the adversary. But that's why we are a test mission, we had several general Authorities come to the mission before I got here and they all said we are a choice mission unto the Lord (ok, they didn't say it like that but we are a super obedient mission and... I'll just tell a story.
So Elder Anderson came and gave us an apostolic promise that we could double our numbers as a mission. It wont be easy, but if we change how we are doing missionary work to be more member focused, we can do it. A little while later, Elder Lawerance of the Seventy (who was released in conference) came to the mission and heard about this promise we have. And when he first heard it, he flat didn't think we could do it. After all, how can a good mission that has been getting 25 baptisms as a whole on Average, start gettting at least 50? And then he met us. And then he told us we can get "The 50", it wont be easy, but if we work with the members, it can be done. It's been a while since Elder Anderson and Elder Lawerance came and we still haven't gotten 50 baptisms in a month, but we've been close. I know we can get it though, I've had the spirit testify to me that it's possible. We may not be the best missionaries in the world, in fact WE are imperfect enough to deem it impossible. But if we rely on the Lord, HE will get it done. "[We] know that which the Lord hath commanded [us],... that perhaps [we] may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is [our] joy." Alma 29:9 This will be hard for us as a mission, but if we trust the Lord's promise and we press forward in faith, walking in the darkness of the wilderness, we will find the promised land and be able to look back and say the Lord lead us by the hand, 1 Nephi 17:13-14.

It's fun being here on my mission, it's not easy, and I can feel my imperfections everyday, making me wonder how I could ever do this, but the Lord is merciful and loving. He gives me strength and will change me. I just need to have faith, trusting in him in all I do. which is a lot harder than it seems at times, but is cool to see. Hope you have an amazing week and continue to put the Savior at the center of your life.

Elder Nielsen


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