September 25, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Corbin Tenney

Week at the beach

Sorry I didn't get much out last week, it was a weird but cool day. The Part member family that we went to the temple visitor center with are awesome.

Today though, we went out to astoria oregon at the base of the columbia river and saw some sights. warrenton beach with a ship wreck, some tower, kkand a fort. we went as a zone and it was lots of fun. we're headed home and the ac is blarrng so i have gloves on to survive this typing.

this last week has been good, we started teaching a 16 year old young women who is living with her aunt, uncle, and cousins after a trying past. she hasn't been very interested in the past but we got on her good side after a couple months.

Elder Tenney is getting worked up about transfers, he doesnt want to leave the members but he does want to expereince a new area. he keeps joking about where he's going and about gunning for leadership. we also had a mpuse in the apartment. that was fun and the trap sprung 5 minutes after we went to bed but elder Tenney was already asleep so it didnt get taken care of for a while.

That video was cool, it was fun to see and hear everyone. I downloaded it this morning before P-day since we'd be with out wifi most of the day.
Congrats to Mark and Mary, temple sealings are amazing and I'm sure they have a great future ahead of them (with kids or not:). Hearing about having everyone over made me realize how I'm starting to miss seeing everyone; cousins can be loud and I may have had to sleep outside at times but we have a cool family.
The Lazy-suzan looks good! I've seen a couple woodworking projects in the making and I'm missing it just a bit. Have you considered making the table fully or partailly a complementing color? oooooo! maybe a metal top, like we roofed the garage in the other house! but that might look weird with the banisters. Yeah, I geeked out over my 'tree of life' project and today when I found a crab box in the materials center, and I drool when people here talk about their feastival of nativities at Christmas time. Oh well, stuff to look forward to after my mission.

We had a missionary minded Sacrement meeting yesterday so Elder Tenney and I got to share brief testimonies. We didn't have a lot of time, which I was grateful for but I talked about how the two most important things in missionary work are Charity and the Atonement. The Atonement is important in EVERYTHING (even Calculas (soul burning stare))!!! because with out it, where would we be? It's essential to the plan of Salvation and this life....droning.... and Charity is important because it is the best motivator for missionary work. I think it's the most important thing to try and develop because it is a gift bestowed upon true diciples of Christ.

Random thought: studying preach my gosple during FHE would be SOOOOO COOL! There's a lot of cool stuff in there.

anyways, I need to go, we have dinner at 6, 20 minutes up I-5 and we need to change into church clothes,

Love ya, stay cool,
Elder Nielsen


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