November 18, 2019


Winslow, AZ


Elder Miller

Group Email 11/18/19

Hello everyone! I am happy to be hosting you here from sunny AZ! I'll just cut right to the chase and say that transfer news happened this last week! Elder Miller and I will be staying together here in Winslow! Wow I am super happy about that haha, this will be the second time in my mission that I won't have a companionship change from transfers! So we will be together until next year, it's wild to me just how soon that is. But this week was good! We stayed pretty busy. We have been working this last week on getting ideas for a Christmas parade float that we are doing this week! There is a lot that still needs to be done there, but it will be a lot of fun and all worth it. We also saw a huge miracle this week! We had an online referral for someone that wanted a Bible, and we were finally able to get in touch with them and take it over and have a short little lesson. She had said that she moved to Winslow a week or two earlier and has just needed to find something to make her life better. She told us she has been looking for a church and has been looking to get baptized! That was amazing to hear and we assured her that we can help out with that. But over all it has been a good week. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the Atonement and all that it does for us. At least for myself in the past when I thought about the Atonement, I just assumed that it helped us to be cleansed from sin, which is completely true but it is much more than that. We should us the Atonement every single day of our lives. Daily repentence is a real and important thing, and not just for sin! We should use it in everything we do. The Atonement is here for us to better ourselves, and to grow and progress is every aspect of our lives. Without the Atonement we wouldn't have that opportunity. But we are blessed to have it and I know our Savior true did die to give us the opportunity to reach perfection even as Himself and the Father have achieved. Here is my joke for the week. What do you call a nervous javelin thrower? Shakespeare.

Elder Weaver


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