September 16, 2019


Winslow, AZ


Elder Lowe

Group Email 9/16/19

Hello everyone! I am pleased to be hosting you from the corner today. Just kidding I'm not actually at the corner right now, but you'd be surprised how often we do go there. But it has been a great and very busy week! It wore me out pretty good. But we have seen soo many miracles this week! First, I just want to talk about how much improvement our zone has had in the last week! By last Sunday, our zone had no people on date. We were down hearted and we kinda got raked over the coals by our mission president, but for good reason! Having nobody on date in 10 areas is completely unacceptable and ridiculous! But by yesterday we had 8 people on date in the zone! That was so amazing to here and I was so impressed. The Lord's hand is most definitely in our work and his spirit is moving among the people here! One of those on date we have been able to help to set her baptismal goal here in our ward! It is so amazing to see the spirit work with people. This week I also learned how to ride my bike with no handlebars! Wow I feel so free and liberated now. We also had zone conference in Tuba City this week! That was amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly and the edification was immense. I was able to see my "mission son" and former companion Elder Bennett there again as well, it was nice reminiscing on old times. And of course it is always amazing to be around President and Sister Ackerman! Which we had the chance to on Friday for interviews, and Saturday and Sunday for stake conference! We also had someone walk in at the very end of stake conference and find us. He said he had woken up that morning and just knew there had to be something more for his life than just alcohol and drugs and sleep. He knew there was a purpose in life he just didn't know what it was. He had Googled where our church was and walked more than a mile to find us. It was so amazing to see such a miracle! I know that the Lord looks out for us and influences our lives every day. We also had exchanges in Indian Wells! That is a rez area and I didn't get to see too much of the area because we couldn't do the exchange for as long, which I was a little disappointed about but that's just how the cookie crumbles. Sunday night we also had the opportunity to head an hour east in our zone to the Holbrook Stake presidents house to correlate with him about the recent converts and the missionaries in his stake, and he fed us dinner after! Everything I have mentioned is a portion of the things we did this week and our responsibilities, so you can imagine how busy we have been! Let's just say sleeping well has not been a problem hahaha. But I love being a missionary and I can't wait to see more miracles in my ministry! Here is my joke for the week. What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither!

Elder weaver


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