September 2, 2019


Winslow, AZ


Group Email 9/2/19

Hello everyone! This week was such an amazing week. One of the best in my mission. The fire within me to do missionary work has reignited! And momma let me just say I'm getting fed well. So I took of from Window Rock on Tuesday morning and caught the transfer van to First Mesa where my new companion embraced me! Elder Lowe is his name and missionary work is his game. We had to load up 2 other elders stuff completely into our Tacoma so it was stacked hahaha. But then we came back and I finally got a taste of the city... what a blessing. There are so many members here holy cow. In church yesterday there was like 200 people!! It feels like home honest. I am serving in the Sunset ward here in Winslow, and named that for a good reason. The sunsets here are magniloquent! I'm talking top of the line, let's goooo. Comparable even to Echo Cliffs. But the work here is great too! There is so much potential and we are getting so many referrals wow can I just say I love Winslow. I. Have been here since Tuesday and I've only fed myself 4 meals. We have a game night here and a basketball night, and we have a nice gym we can workout in and a real basketball court and a turf football field and a track and I love Winslow. Oh, and we got BIKES here. It is so fun to bike but I'm going through shirts like nobodies business. So here's a story, I was riding my bike this one day and I was trying to get up on the curb and the front tire fell out of the frame on my bike! I don't even know what happened honestly. I took a little spill but it wasn't too bad. But like what is that about, I've never had a tire fall off of my truck why does it have to happen on my bike hahaha. But it's great here I love Winslow. This weke i hit my year mark! Which is super exciting! A year ago this Friday I embarked on quite a journey! I had no idea what it had in store for me, but I'm so happy that I took that leap of faith! I love my mission! Time is dwindling though. Here is my joke for the week. Why do you never see anyone that has a nose that is 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot!

Love, Elder Weaver


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