July 29, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Housely

Group Email 7/29/19

Hello everyone! I am pleased to be joining you once again for weaver weekly. What a great week it has been here in Window Rock! Yesterday I hit 6 months exactly in this area and came to the conclusion that by the time I leave here, whenever it may be, I will have experienced all 4 seasons in this area! What an immense blessing. Also, exactly 1 year from today I will be flying home! But who's counting, definitely not me. But it has been great here. We have been working hard, working smart, and working out. It is so much fun training, once the stop being quiet, because it really tests you to see what kind of missionary you are! I hope I'm being a good one. Get many hours of studies which is always great, and you get to show them the ropes of mission life! We have been contacting members that we don't know this week, and walking around a lot. The Lord has been blessing us! We were able to find 5 new people to teach this week, and we have been able to grow our relationship with a lot of the members. One thing that has really struck me this week is that God really did have his hand in the creation of this earth, it is gorgeous. We have seen some amazing sunsets. I don't know what it is but I just love looking at the sky, morning, day, evening, and night. God is a painter and he is working every day! What a blessing. Anyway here is my joke for the week. What do you get when you make a belt out of watches? A waist of time.

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