June 3, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 6/3/19

Hello everyone! Its good to be with you on another edition of Weaver weekly. And what a week it has been! Let's jump right into the juicy content you have all been waiting for. It was been a busy and hectic week here in Window Rock, Arizona. We had memorial day and had a nice BBQ with one of the 2nd ward members so that was nice. The only days Elder Laurie and I were able to work in our area were Tuesday and Wednesday, so sadly we weren't able to get everything done with those we are working with. Thursday we had our district meeting in Ganado, which is half an hour away. About an hour after we got home from the meeting, which was about 2, they called us and said they needed somebody interviewed for baptism! So we had to turn right around and head out there again and we were there until about 6 or 6:30, so our day was drained! It's good though, we were excited to see someone in our district welcome somebody into the fold! Friday morning I sent up to Crystal, New Mexico because both my companion and the next door elders had to go up to a leadership meeting up in Farmington with Elder Robins of the 70. I had a lot of fun there! We were able to help a member doing some service, she was having her sheep sheared so we had to catch them all and pull them over to the shearer. On Saturday we received our transfer news, heart breaking. Elder Laurie and I had a great run, but sadly our run is over. He is headed over to Shiprock West. I know he's gonna do amazing things over there and continue to be an amazing missionary! I will be staying here in Window Rock and I will be receiving Elder Kelly, who is currently serving in Chinle. I am excited for this next transfer! I hope we will be able to bring some into the fold as well. It's amazing being a missionary and seeing the power of the atonement and growing a better relationship with Christ! Studying about him and his ministry is inspiring and fulfilling. Here is my joke for the week. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef!


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