May 20, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 5/20/19

Hello everyone! It's good to be with you on this fine may afternoon. This last week has been great! We have been doing lots of gardens still and we are in the next phase of gardening, building the rows and putting all the drip line out! It's some hard work haha building rows takes some time, but it's good though! We were able to watch The Other Side of Heaven for a ward movie night! It is an amazing story about a missionary in like the 30's in Tonga, if you haven't seen it go see it! We found a bunch of potential new people being taught and new returning members to work with! Hopefully their hearts will be softened as we work with them to bring them closer to Christ. But we saw a couple of miracles this week! The first one we went to go see one of the people we have on date so we drove way out to his house to see if he was home. He didn't end up being home so we turned around to leave. We made it out to the road and were waiting to turn and a car turned into the turnoff where we were. The lady in the car stopped and rolled down her window to talk to us and we set up an appointment with her! It was amazing to see the Lord work so obviously. We went to her house later and she definitely didn't let us in that time and smelled very high, but it's good though we'll go back another time. The next was at church! We usually have about 40 in attendance but this week we had 61! That is the most I've ever had while I've been here! This included 1 person we are teaching and 2 returning member families we are working with! It was amazing to see. Also it has been raining a ton here which I haven't been a fan of it gets all cold and the roads turn to mud. Today it has even been snowing. But that's all for this week! Here is my joke for the week. What does a grape do when you step on it? It wines a little.

Love, Elder Weaver


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