May 6, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 5/6/19

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another live stream from your favorite missionary! This week has been fantastic. We found a few more people to teach and the ones that we already were teaching we are excited for! A lot of them have strong faith and are ready to be baptized, the hard part is just getting them the church! It's good though we'll get them. But we had a few interesting experiences this week! Let me tell you a story. So elder Laurie and I were out and about seeing people and I really needed to pee, so we took this long dirt road that lead out into the boonies so we wouldn't really be in public. We come to the end of this road and there's a house with people outside! Oh no! So we got out and talked to them and it turns out they are members! One of them told us how lightning had struck by their home recently and in the Navajo culture that is very bad and they needed their house to be cleansed. They got a medicine man out there and did whatever they did, and they had to drink this drink that was made from plants way out in the hills. So she had some of this drink left and she asked us if we wanted any, so of course I was gonna jump at any opportunity to partake of a "Lightning Drink". Took a sip and it was absolutely awful, so so so bitter I don't even know how to describe it. It's good though. I also tried another interesting concoction this week, called a Piccadilly! Let me describe: simply a snowcone with tonsss of sauce, and tonsss of pickle. Very unique Navajo treat and definitely not my favorite. It's good though. But it has been a good week! I love being a missionary and I love the Lord! Forgive me for the lack of joke last week, but here's this week's. What's a missionaries favorite kind of car? A convertible!

Elder Weaver


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