May 1, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 4/29/19

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my weekly program. This weeks episode is sponsored by: Bashas, your local Diné grocer. This week has been pretty good! Another week that has been a little unusual, but not too much so. We had some more good service through the gardens, we have been tilling and helping build the rows. We have some good lessons this week and have continued to help people come closer to christ. Not too many, but it's good though. Sadly, Elder Laurie got sick again this week which is rough, and it slowed us down a little bit. He had to stay in a little bit because he really wasn't feeling well. He actually ended up having to go to Gallup to go to the doctor. But it's been great time and time is moving quick! My testimony has been growing so immensely, and I have been learning so much about our savior and his gospel. A lot of my focus this week has been self improvement! And these are some of the questions that I asked myself that I encourage you to ask yourself. What am I doing good? What am I not doing good? How can I improve? What specific actions do I need to take to become a better version of myself? What specific good things do I need to continue to grow? As I pondered over these questions, I realized that I have come a long way while I have been serving, but I really have a long way to go! I have goals and dreams and aspirations, but I will never be blessed with those if I'm not willing to step outside of my comfort zone and grow. Growth can be pretty scary, but it is essential.

Love elder Weaver


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