April 22, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 4/22/19

Hello everyone! I am happy to be hosting you once again, please forgive me for forgetting to last week. But what a week it has been! They have continued to fly by, especially when you are busy! The beginning of this week Elder Laurie was sick and so was another elder that lives right next to us, so his companion and I worked with each other for 2 days and it was fun, we weren't able to get too much done because we had to work both areas. On Wednesday I got sick too so that wasn't good and we stayed in. That was one of the longest days ever those are awful. This whole week we have been planning this baptism and Easter party for Saturday too. Alright so let me tell you this story. Saturday rolls around, and we start setting up for the party, bringing in the food and everything setting up tables. We make the program for the baptism and its looking good, we start filling up the font and everything. The family that we are to baptize shows up(the mom is already a member and there isn't a father figure in the picture), and everything is going good. The Easter party goes well, a hunt and some food and stuff it was fun. But wait! The cops show up! And whoosh there goes the mother of the children to be baptized, arrested merely an hour before the program is to begin. Everything dissolves, no baptism, the kids are gone too. What a wild day. Super disappointed and discouraging, but it's good though the Lord has a plan and I'm just his instrument. Easter was great, I know that the Savior is risen and that because of that we will all conquer death. Some more testimony, I share it all the time and I love Jesus and all that good stuff. Here is my joke for the week. Why did the chicken cross the road? Just for fun.

Elder Weaver


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