March 25, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Laurie

Group Email 3/25/19

Hello everyone! What a great week out here in the wild wild west! Let's dive right into the rich content you have all been waiting for. We have had a great week and we are starting the process of turning this area into a thriving and booming metropolis for missionary work! We are starting to work through the ward list to find more people and so far it has been working! We are also doing it to reactivate those that haven't been in a while so the attendance in our ward isn't so dismal. But it is going good, and the weather has been so amazing. Warm and sunny ahh it makes me miss football! But I'm blessed to be a missionary for the Lord! I continue to learn so much and honestly being a missionary is so nice. While on an exchange this week I realized that mission life and non-mission life are completely different, on a mission the only thing you have to worry about is filling your day, off a mission the only thing you don't need to be worried about is filling your day. Crazy crazy stuff! But I love mission life. Anyway sorry for that rant but being a missionary is amazing! We did a lot of service this week and chopped woods for the chapter houses which was good. Oh and we saw a bunch of puppies! Anyway here is the joke for the week. How did they get the confession out if the hamburger party? They grilled him!

Elder Adizi


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