March 4, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Curtis

Group Email 3/4/19

Hello everyone! Guess who's back, back again, Shady's back, tell a friend. Nah, it's just me Elder Basket Weaver, as they call me. This week has gone by quick again haha I'm sure you're all tired of hearing that but don't even worry, I'm tired of saying it too. But we had a lot that went on this week! On a somber note, I got sick, super sore throat and I was throwing up and stuff that was no fun, but I was feeling a little better during the evening so we were able to attend our appointments. But that's okay, sometimes we get sick, I was just lucky it didn't last too long. We had some good lessons this week, and we were able to put someone on date! She is a little girl, and most of her family are members, it has just been hard to meet with them schedule wise. But we finally did and she committed to being baptized! It feels good to have a little bit of success haha. Later in the week we attended a Navajo Nation Fair planning meeting, because the church is setting up a booth there again this year regarding family history work! It isn't until September or something like that, but always gotta be preparing. The only thing that worries me about it is that not many people go to the fair to talk about family history, most people go to be entertained, to watch rodeos, and eat super unhealthy food, but we'll see what happens I guess. Then we found out that we are getting a new car!! I am super excited because I am not the biggest fan of our current car. We are driving a 2016 white Nissan Frontier, and I mean it isn't bad, but it's nothing like the tacoma I had. But they took that one into Farmington today and they will be returning with a new Nissan Rogue! I am super excited and I hope I like it a lot more than the Frontier. Also something that happened this week is that my head got butchered! Last monday my zone leaders thought I needed a hair cut and our hair cut lady was out of town so one of them decided to do it... needless to say I wasn't too impressed having been his first ever haircut. For those that understand what I'm saying, I look like Jacob Mora freshman year. But it's whatever it will grow back with time. This transfer is coming to a close! Next monday we will know what my fate will be for the next 5 weeks (shortened transfer). But all that I know is that I am happy to be here, I am loving serving the Lord, and I know that this church and this gospel is so true. It honestly doesn't make any sense for someone to say that it isn't, in my eyes. I just love it! Well let me end with a joke. What does a mouse say when it's taking pictures? Cheese!

Elder Weaver


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