February 25, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Curtis

Group Email 2/25/19

Hello everyone! I'm happy to be with you today to present this week's findings. This week has been very good, and absolutely freezing. I'm not sure if I mentioned it last week, but on monday it snowed a good 6 inches, the most snow I've seen since I've been in Utah. This was great! We got the chance to shovel people driveways and do some service and other things, and I know that this land will definitely appreciate it when the summer rolls around. Well on Wednesday, I was on an exchange in Ganado and the snow came again. The wind was blowing and there were some good drifts and it was insane! The snowed all day and all night and by the time it was over with there was 18 inches that had come down in some places! This is the most snow Arizona has got in like 6 years Haha feel so blessed to be here. We have helped a lot of people get unstuck, and saw a lot of others that we definitely could not have helped get unstuck. And because it is Arizona, they don't really know how to handle all this much snow. Schools have been closed most of the week, the government has been closed, and worst of all, the gym has been closed. But it has been good to have some snow again. It reminds me of home and it is pretty on the red rocks around here. And it means there is less mud for the time being! But it also means that there will be a lot of mud to come shortly... We had a special devotional in Chinle this last Sunday that was fantastic! The whole mission presidency came down, and the whole stake presidency was there as well. It was focused on the non-members and the returning members, with conversion stories being told and testimonies it was amazing. The rule that they gave us for it was we had to find a ride with a non-member or returning member, and that proved to be a little difficult! The devotional started at 4 in Chinle, which is about an hour drive, and after having known about it for 2 weeks prior, we finally figured out our ride at 2:30 the day of haha it was a little bit nerve racking, because I really wanted to be there! But it all worked out and it was a fantastic devotional! This week has been good, I have been thinking a lot about my mission and the things that motivate us. And I realized that everything, if you really strip it apart, comes down to love. We do things that are hard because of love! Whether that be love for ourselves, our families, our heavenly father, or others, everything comes down to love. If you really think about it it makes sense. Sometimes we go through things like school that can be really difficult, but it is because we love our families or future families and we want to be able to provide. We follow the commandments and we do other things the prophet asks us because we love the Lord and his gospel. Even just the small things in life can always be boiled down to love. I know that this is true and this is the foremost cause for everything in this church and in the gospel. This really does change lives! I have been able to recognize that so much better while serving and it is amazing. Now here is the joke for the week. What did dad think about the all-almond diet? He thought is was just nuts.

Elder Weaver


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