January 28, 2019


Page, AZ


Elder Bennett

Group Email 1/28/19

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to be hosting you all once again here on my blog. What a week it has been! A nice phrase you could use to describe this week is out of the ordinary. We have been quite busy this week, with mission organizational things. But it has been a good week. Let's jump right in! I had the opportunity to interview with president Ackerman this Tuesday and talk with sister Ackerman as well and that was just fantastic. I love and appreciate them both so much, sister Ackerman is the best 3rd mom anyone could ask for, and you can quote me on that one. President Ackerman is amazing as well, he is an inspired and guided man and I was happy to interview with him. And he also is kind of blatant as well, he basically said that sometimes things change and that I've done great work here and he is proud of me and such things. And later I was talking with one of my zone leaders and he said yeah you should pack your bags soooo Haha we'll get into that later though. The next day we had our zone conference! That was good I was very much edified and it was great to see Elder Hansen again he's a good elder I miss him. Outside of all of the mission stuff, we weren't able to get as much work done this week as I was hoping. But we were able to have a few lessons and we able to do some good things as well. We also were able to see the grand canyon again this week! And oh boy is it GRAND. We saw the best part I have ever seen it was quite phenomenal. I have loved the opportunity and blessing that it has been to serve here in the Echo Cliffs and Coppermine branches. My time here has not been as long as I was hoping, but that is just mission life. I have learned so much about myself, my Heavenly Father, and others as I have took the time and the chance to open my heart and my mind. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived, with just as beautiful of a culture to go right along side it. My faith and testimony has been strengthened as I have worked to strengthen others. I have made friends and memories here that will last a lifetime. But all good things come to an end! I am headed to Window Rock, AZ serving in 1st ward there! I am grateful for the opportunity I have to go to a new area and have a fresh start as a more experienced missionary. My new companion will be Elder Curtis, and I don't know much more about him than his name Haha but that will come next week. Window Rock is the Capitol of the Navajo Nation and if you look it up, it is a rock formation that looks like there is a window in a rock. It is bittersweet to be leaving the area where I entered the mission and to be leaving my trainee 6 weeks early, but I know that God's plan has always been better than mine, and always will be! There are great things on the horizon. Now I have a question for all of you. Why didn't the skeleton go to the dance? It had no body to go with!

My new mailing address is PO Box 203 St Michael's, AZ 86511

Elder Weaver


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