January 21, 2019


Page, AZ


Elder Bennett

Group Email 1-21-19

Hello everyone! I am pleased to host you all on your subscription of Weaver Weekly. It honestly still blows my mind that I'm actually a missionary, I have heard about this time of my life since the beginning of my life and I'm actually living it out right now, it's absolutely wild Haha. Yestersay morning I was getting dressed and I was putting on my name tag and I was like dang I'm really a missionary this is actually real life and I'm doing this for real now. It's really weird to me that I am in the shoes of those who I've always looked up to. Anyway, this week has flown by! Mission time and non-mission time are substantially different Haha. Elder Bennett and I had the opportunity to do our exchanges this week with our district leader and his companion. And I have grown to love my companion even more. He even got me on the healthy food train. But I love our district leader! I have learned so much from him and he is a great person and a great example to me, it was amazing being able to spend a day with him and see how other missionaries function. His companion however, is a much more difficult person to work with. He loves things done his way. And personally, I don't agree with his way. And he is in love with history, he wouldn't talk about anything else, or let me talk about anything else for that matter. Everyone is put in our path for a reason, and his was to test my patience. But luckily, I passed the test and it all went well with little contention. Elder Bennett and I have been able to get some good work done this week! We were able to find 2 more people to teach and more coming soon. We have had a lot of lessons and have a lot more set up for next week! The work is moving at light speed and I don't plan on slowing down any time soon. We also had a chance to "come to the rescue" this week. A member had blown a tire because he had hit a rock and he called us to help him right at 6:30 am. And it felt good to be needed like that and immediately see the fruits of my efforts. He and his brother were going to sell breakfast burritos and so they gave each of us one as payment. But it has been a good week, I have had a lot of self reflection and reflection on missionary work. I would be lying to you all if I said I didn't want each of you to feel the joy and peace that I have felt through this church. People sometimes don't understand that the reason Christs church has so many "rules" and standards is because he loves us. They are only here to protect us. Our Heavenly Father can see much further ahead than we can, and he knows what's best for us. Our parents give us council and guidance because they have lived life, they have been through hard things, and in hindsight they see what could have helped them, so they tell us what we can do to live a better life than they did. I absolutely love this church. One of my favorite aspect is temples. Why do you think so many are being built? Why do people go to the temple? Why does the prophet want them in so many places? So EVERYONE can use them and feel the power that is help within them. I love architecture and temples are absolutely gorgeous and it is inspiring the way that they are built and the materials used and the beauty that is captured in a lifeless object. But it is God's house. There is no reason to have anything less. I hope that each of you will be able to attend a temple you have never been to in the next month, and in Utah that shouldn't be too hard Haha. But I love and appreciate everyone and all you do for me, whether big or small. You know what's right, just go and do it. Let me lighten the mood with a classic dad joke. Why were people so excited when the shovel was invented? Because it was a ground breaking invention.

Yours truly, Elder Weaver


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