January 14, 2019


Page, AZ


Elder Bennett

Group Email 1/14/19

Hello everyone! It's me, back at it again with the white button up. Let's waste no time and just dive right into the content you all have been waiting for. I don't want to say that this week has been particularly good or bad, it's been a mix of both. No super low lows or super high highs. Some low lights of the week; we had a bunch of appointments fall through, and that was kinda rough, but hey at least we were able to schedule some appointments haha. One of the branches we are serving in is struggling more than anticipated and it is a little bit frustrating, but at least we have the opportunity to serve in 2 branches. Our miles are diminishing quickly and many more will be used in the near future so that's no good, but at least we have a vehicle. I'm not excited for next week because it will be full of exchanges, but I get the chance to grow my patience and learn from other elders. We had to drop some people because they weren't progressing and we could never meet with them, but at least I got to serve and get to know more people. Some of the highlights of the week; we were able to see the Grand Canyon again and that was super neat and oh boy it is still grand. We were able to put 2 more people on baptismal date, and we are very excited for them. We got 2 more new people to teach this week, it's good to see our teaching pool grow a lot. We have been able to use the members a lot in finding, and they know a lot more people than we do. We were able to attend the coppermine branch once again this week, and it was fantastic and they fed us afterward. I got an amazing ring from a member in one of our wards that I will attach at the bottom of this email, and now I only have 5 infinity stones left to acquire. My studies this week have been amazing and I've grown to love the time I have to learn for myself, and the words of modern prophets and apostles are so enlightening. Our area is progressing and moving in a positive direction in a lot of ways and I'm really happy about it and I think I'm gonna stay another transfer we'll see, there are just a few people and a few things that are just making things a little difficult. But I have loved serving the Lord here and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have. I know my time is limited and it will continue to move quickly, and I'm doing my best to make the most of it and to touch as many hearts as I can. There is no happiness and joy comparable to living the way our heavenly father wants us to, with the knowledge of the reward that awaits us at the end. I had the chance to speak today in sacrament meeting, and my topic was "Now is the Time" by Elder Gerard, this past conference. I encourage you all to read it and to consider for yourself the life you have been living. Make the necessary corrections or adjustments needed to live in the fullness of joy you know is available. Step back from worldly things and look at what we are making a priority in our lives, what is taking up all of the time we have in our days. I know there are a lot of things in our lives that we don't need in them, and there are a lot for me too, but we need to do our very best to make things of eternal importance a priority in our lives. There are so many things and people in our lives that are trying to divide and influence us, and we need to constantly fight these things. And the best weapons we have are our prayers and our daily study of the scriptures. I know I sound like a super cheesy missionary, but each and every one of us has something we can work on that will make us happier in the long run. And all that I want is for all of you, my friends and family, to be happy and have lasting joy. That was some heavy stuff Haha let me lighten the mood and end this electronic letter with a classic joke. What does a grape do when you step on it? It wines a little.

Elder weaver


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