December 31, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Bennett

Group Email 12/31/18

Hello everyone! I'm so pleased to join you all on the last day of 2018! It's crazy how quickly this year has gone by and all that has happened in the past 12 months! It makes me excited for the things to come in the next year. It has been a good, but slow week. Let me start with Christmas! It was a fantastic morning and thank you to everyone that reached out to me in anyway! It was amazing talking to my family again over Skype and seeing how their doing, although it's kinda obvious they aren't doing too well without me;) All jokes aside I miss them all so much! It will be a sweet reunion when I can see them in person. Christmas day we were able to spend at the first councilor in the branch presidencies house and him and his wife fed us and played games with us they were very generous to us. They put the food on the table and we started to eat and that's where things turned south! My stomach started acting weird and I excused myself to go and throw up. I acted like all was well to be polite and continued to eat. Throughout the rest of the meal and the games we played this routine happened probably 6 times. I was feeling very unwell for the rest of the night and for the following day, as well as Elder Bennett. We are both convinced that we had the stomach flu. I sure hope I never get that again Haha it was rough indeed. The rest of the week went ok, we ran out of miles to use on our truck for the month, so we could go too far or do too much. We knocked in the housing community that is not far from the church probably everyday, which was quite unsuccessful. It seemed like every dog wanted to bite us and every person didn't want to give us a chance. One man wouldn't even tell us his name and then literally slammed the door in our faces haha oh well, for blessed am I when men shall persecute me, great will be my joy and great shall be my reward in heaven and the kingdom of heaven shall be mine. (3 nephi 12:10-12) But we did have a miracle this week! We were able to find 2 new people to teach! That felt so amazing Haha it had been 5 weeks since anyone knew was found here in our area. And something funny about that is we were knocking on door with our recent convert Bruce N. and one of the new people we founds name is Bruce N. and they have the same last name hahaha I thought that was kinda funny, but if he's anything like the one I already know, he will be a huge blessing for us. Church went well, RIP 3 hour block. But I am very excited for the 2019 come follow me curriculum! It will give us such an amazing opportunity to strengthen the faith within ourselves and within our families! And it will be a big help in our study of the New Testament this year! I have big aspirations for it and I'm hoping well be able to have more lessons with members using the book! But yes that is the update on things here in Echo Cliffs/Coppermine area. They are looking up and I'm excited for things to come. I want to recognize my mom because her birthday is this week! Happy birthday! It will be on January 2nd so everyone make sure to reach out to her. She is such an amazing woman and example to me. She has done and will continue to do so much for me and I'll forever be indebted to her. I love her so much and I hope her 30th birthday is the best one yet. Alright and I'll top this off with my joke of the week. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef!

Elder Weaver


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