December 25, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Bennett

Group Christmas Email 12/24/18

Hello everyone! It's so good to see you all tuning in once again for my
weekly podcast. You will only be getting one more after this one for the
year! It's crazy how fast time has passed and the blessings I've seen in my
life and in the lives of others in this short amount of time. This week has
been different! Monday and Tuesday me and elder Hansen were in Farmington
for the trainers meeting and to pick up our trainees for our respective
areas. And I got blessed with elder Bennett! He's a great guy and he will
be a great missionary! He's from central New York and he is a Native
American from the Seneca tribe! I think he will be very useful down here
hahaha. But he's fantastic! Like me when I was being trained, and I'm sure
tons of other trainees, he doesn't talk a lot when we are out working or
knocking doors, but he will come around. But it has been a great experience
that has helped me a lot! I've been opening my mouth a lot more and I've
had to learn how to take over everything! The weight of Echo Cliffs and
Coppermine has basically been resting on my shoulders alone because he
doesn't know the area or the people as well as I do yet. But it has been a
little bit of a hard week too, teaching wise. Our teaching pool is almost
dried up, and its been very difficult to find new people to teach.
Especially with Christmas right around the corner, everyone has been gone
which is understandable just a little frustrating. We are hoping to have a
few lessons this week but we will see what God has in store for us. I see
in a lot of my friends emails and stuff that they get disappointed when 1
of their 6 baptisms for the week falls through and it makes me think dang I
would really love to have 6 people that would let us teach them Haha. So
wherever you are, whatever you're doing, count your blessings! But we were
able to do another hot cocoa stand this Saturday and it was a success! We
decided to set up across the street where the gas station is and we got a
lot more people! Even though most of them were travelers, hopefully we are
able to plant a seed or make a difference in one of their lives. But we
gave out a few pass along cards and got a few book or mormons placed! That
was a great night. Then yesterday was amazing as well. The special
sacrament meeting went so well, all of the music brought the spirit so
strong and it was a great meeting. And I saw more people in the chapel then
than I ever have! There were maybe 4 empty seats with a total of 54 in
attendance, and even though it's a small chapel and most of the people were
visitors, it's always good to see the chapel full. The meeting really had
me thinking about christ and his humble circumstances of his birth during
the meeting, and what he was born into even though he's the king of kings.
I am so grateful for the gospel he's laid out for us and for his atoning
sacrifice. One of the most important things he showed us how to do through
example was how to be charitable! Charity is the pure love of christ and
there is always something that we can do to be charitable. I invite each of
you whenever you read this to do something charitable that is out of the
ordinary for someone today! I know that as you do this, the Lord will bless
you and lift your spirits whether they be high or low. I know that christ
is always there for us and that he genuinely loves and cares for us. I hope
you all have a merry and safe Christmas! Here is my joke of the week. What
do you call somebody that's afraid of santa? Claustrophobic!


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