December 11, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 12/10/18

Hello everyone! Back with another episode of the life and times of a white man on the Navajo nation. This week has been quite hectic but a good week. In the past 7 days I only spent 3 days in my area and it was kinda stressful being away. I went on 2 exchanges and they were both in page, and those were stressful. The elders there have less miles than we do so they park at their church and then walk all day and it tired me out Haha my feet had never hurt so bad. And let me just put it that they have different and more difficult personalities to work with. This week made me really appreciate my companion more! But the exchanges were good I learned things from them. And then on Friday all day I wasn't with my companion again because we were put in different cars for our Farmington trip golly it was sad not being with him again. But then when we got to our destination I saw elder Reeves again!! Ah I miss him a lot he is so funny and I was able to spend a lot of time with him it was great. And the apostle that came to speak with us was Elder Uchtdorf! It was so amazing I honestly wasn't expecting him to come but he did and he is one of my favorites. And he is a funny man! He was cracking jokes and stuff in that German accent lol. And I got to shake his hand!! Ah it was great that's 2 apostles hands in 7 days. At this rate I'll get them all by the end of my next transfer hahaha. But he spoke to us and it was amazing. He is such an inspired man. He told us that there are 20,000 (!) Baptisms per month in the world and no matter what happens, whether you personally baptize someone or not, you are contributing to that. That felt really good to hear. And he was talking about how each and every day is a new opportunity to be a better person and missionary and to forget about whatever happened the day before. And we need to take advantage of that and be grateful for that! It was amazing listening to him and shaking his hand and just being in his presence. On Saturday we were able to join up with the relief society and they made a bunch of cookies and we went around and delivered them to tons of people and talked to a lot of new people it was fantastic. Then yesterday we went to the page stake Christmas choir concert and it was great! The spirit there was so strong and its really helping me feel the spirit of Christmas stronger. It has been a good week and we have 1 more in this transfer and we are both scared about what's gonna happen pray that both me and elder Hansen stay because that would be amazing and we are getting good things done. I know the savior loves us and wants us to be happy, we just need to do what he says. Here is this week's joke. Who was the first underwater spy? James Pond. Love you all

Elder Weaver


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