December 3, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 12/3/18

Hello everyone! Come join me again as we take another trip to flavortown. I know that I sound like your classic missionary with this one, but time really has flown! I can't believe I have already hit December. It feels like just yesterday I was stepping out the door for the last time without a name tag on. But this week has been really good! It has continued to be hard to find new people to teach, but it has been much less discouraging and we are getting better at filling our days. Bruce has continued to be fantastic as has the few others we are teaching along with all the members of both branches. The weather turned a little chilly this week, as we opened the door yesterday morning to head to church and we saw snow! We were quite joyous indeed and we welcomed it with open arms, although it was short lived and almost completely gone by the time we had come in that evening. But this past weekend was phenomenal. Saturday we were able to attend a tri stake devotional accompanying Bruce where Elder Quinten L Cook was attending! I had never been so close to an apostle of the Lord and I had never had the opportunity to shake an apostles hand until this occasion! It was amazing to be there and to hear him speak. He furthered the notion that all of the prophets and apostles have pushed in that families are central in God's plan for us and they are more important now than ever, which is why the Lord is giving families an extra hour to enjoy the sabbath with each other and to make it a delight. He also said something that helped strengthen my faith as well. He said that he knew the face and the voice of Jesus Christ and he can testify with certainty that Jesus Christ still leads his church today. That devotional that we attended was amazing and I'm so glad I was able to be there. I also have the opportunity to go to Farmington this Friday to listen to an apostle speak! The mission president and his wife would not tell us who it is, and it may be Elder Cook, but either way it will be amazing to be in the presence of an apostle 2 times within 7 days! This Sunday for church was also amazing. We were able to attend the Coppermine branch for the first time this transfer and it was great. They have found new people that are interested and we are hoping to start teaching them soon, and they continued to sustain us, love us, and support us although we aren't able to visit them as much as we would like. But the strength of the faith of the Coppermine members is incredible, and possibly the strongest I have seen. Not only do they have to travel some a great distance for church service on awful dirt roads, they don't even have a church building to have it in. They hold church in what's called a chapter house which is basically a county building. Along with that, during testimony meeting, a lady stood up and told us all that her house almost burnt down the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily they were able to put it out on their own after only the roof had perished. But she and her family took it as an opportunity to praise God. They said that they would not have been able to put out the fire if God had not been with them. They said that they were using it as a learning opportunity to grow within their family. They said they were planning on putting a deck on top of there house now that they had the chance. I know that myself and a lot of others would sulk and be in sorrow and despair if our roofs burned down, but they didn't look at it that way, they saw it as a blessing and I admire them greatly for that, and it helped my faith grow and helped me learn that I need to be more grateful for everything that I have and I need to recognize God's hand more in my life. I also got the chance to listen to the Christmas Devotional last night and that was amazing. Not only the music but the wise words that were spoken. I agree with president Nelson and I would also admonish you to look in at your own heart this Christmas season and see what you really want in life. See what your goals are for the big picture, and if they are not in line with what our Heavenly Father has for us, I would hope that you would get them in line. Because his plan is the only way we can sustain true and lasting joy and happiness! I love the Christmas season and the feeling it brings around and I hope you all can help me to light the world. Sorry for the lack of joke last week but here is this week's. How come sharks don't eat clowns? Because they taste funny! Haha yeah I don't know how much better these jokes will get I'm trying.

Love Elder Weaver


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