November 19, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 11/19/18

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us on our weekly trip to flavortown. This week was a pretty good week! Gotta say last week was pretty easy to beat, and I'm glad we did. We didn't have a baptism or anything too big this week, but we continued to work and it was easier to fill our days and to see the lords hand in the small things. We had a branch wood cutting day, in which only 3 others besides the branch president showed up, but we were able to do a lot of service in the form of cutting "woods" or "chish" for older ladies that can't do it so well themselves. One thing that did impact me this week was that a returning member who is a single mother in our branches house burned to the ground. We went over and saw it and it was gone. Everything was burned down to the foundation there was absolutely nothing left. We went with our elders quorum president up to the the lady's mom's house up on the hill and it was very humbling circumstances. We walked in the home and saw two dimly lit light bulbs hanging by threads to the ceiling, no furniture in the one room house except for a small table near the stove with one wooden chair and a mattress leaned up against the wall. All of their belongings were piled up against the walls up to the ceiling. The women there spoke little English so our elders quorum president spoke to her for the most part in navajo, but that experience just struck a chord with me. It made me realize just how blessed I really have been. Growing up in 2 stable homes, with everything I needed and more within its walls. Having 4 amazing and loving parents that would do anything for me and are always doing what they can to help me grow and learn and to make me happy. Each of my many amazing siblings that have taught me a lot and have made some great memories with. All of my fantastic friends and extended family members that have all been such incredible examples to me through my whole life, something a lot of the people out here don't have is a good example to look up to or someone elses testimony to lean on while theirs is developing so we often times have to fill that role. Seeing that and a lot of other things similar just make me so grateful for all the love and material blessings that have been at my disposal all of my life. During this week of Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays, I hope all of you realize just how blessed you are to have what have, and to have all of the good examples and support around you. It is harder to really see when you haven't seen such a stark difference as I have living on the reservation, but I'm sure everyone can be a little more grateful for what the Lord has given them. As missionaries, we love giving commitments to people to help them grow their faith and so they can know for themselves the "truth of all things", so I would like to extend a commitment to each of you for this week, call, don't text, your parents and tell them that you are grateful for everything they have provided for you and tell them you love them. Those are important things that aren't said or heard enough. I wish I could be with all of my family and friends for Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays, I'm sure you'll all be eating food I wish I could be, but just know that I'm there in spirit and I love and miss you all! I'm loving all the emails and support that I've been getting, it really helps on those long hard days, and I would love to keep getting them. And I would love to see more pictures of what you all are up to! Send me pictures with you and with all your family during Thanksgiving or whenever, it's fun to see what you all are up to and pictures are the best. This week it isn't so much of a joke as a thought provoking question that I would love to hear your answers to. Why is the only rule on the polar Express to not let your hot chocolate cool? What are they gonna do if you let it cool? I have really been pondering it over in my mind and I am trying to come up with a sufficient answer but I haven't been able to yet. Thank you for joining me today, hopefully I have been able to give you a taste of AZ and get to your heart a little bit. And to those who have made it this far in the email, I appreciate you! Happy Thanksgiving! Until next week.

Love, Elder Weaver


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