November 12, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 11/12/18

Hello everyone! This week has been different Haha. Elder Hansen and I are missing elder Reeves as he headed off, but we got a lot of work done! We have been talking to tons of people and trying to find people a lot more than we had before. We are not teaching as many people anymore so it is harder to fill our days. And I have just started to realize this week why everyone says missions are so hard. It sucks when you have such a life changing message to share but they just say," We have our own ways," or," We are just too busy." Even a lot of those that allow us to set up a return appointment end up cancelling last minute and it gets really frustrating. It's hard at times, but I know I just need to focus on the savior and know that I'm not obligated to convert people, my job is to invite to the gospel and be the best representative of christ that I can, and if they don't want what I have to give them then it isn't my job to force it down their throats or anything like that. And there was a good quote by elder Holland that I always try to remember when I just want to give up and it feels helpless. It's something like it was never easy for christ, so how come it should be easy for us. I know that he is our ultimate example and we should always look to him in everything we do for guidance and for comfort. But yeah I had some discouraging days this week Haha. But last Saturday I had my first baptism! It was so amazing so see someone that I have helped bring into the gospel make his first covenant with our heavenly father! We were able to baptize Bruce and confirm him on Sunday. He is such an amazing man and he has a very strong testimony. And he has offered to help us learn how to weave! It's so much fun and it's very entertaining, and Its fulfilling being able to live up to my name now hehe. But I understand why Navajo woven rugs are so expensive now, it's because they take forever to weave and they are very physically tasking. After each session of us weaving, I can barely walk hahaha sitting criss cross apple sauce on the floor is strenuous and it hurts my back pretty bad too, but such is the Navajo way. And also Bruce gave me such an amazing Pendleton blanket with an eagle on it. But it has been a good week, we have gotten a lot of work done and the members of the Echo Cliffs branch are giving us so much support and help I have a ton of respect and appreciation for them. Also did anyone else know that sunny d makes gummies? Anyway I found them this week, they are alright it was worth it to try them, but I wouldn't spend a ton of money on them they aren't terrific. Here is my joke of the week. Who puts the leaves back on the trees in the spring? The re-leaf society! Haha I'm so sorry for the poor quality of my jokes. I love and miss you all, keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Elder Weaver


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