November 6, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 11/5/18

Hello everyone! It has busy a busy and crazy week. And today is transfer day! I'm getting transferred to Farmington! Nah I'm just kidding Haha. But me and elder Hansen are losing elder Reeves today to chuska mountain in new Mexico which is sad. Elder Reeves has taught me a lot and we have become good friends and made good memories the past 6 weeks. But he is staying on the rez which is good for him. I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors and with his new companion. But this first transfer has flown by! It's weird because it feels like it has been a long time but at the same time it feels like I just got here... but it's already November and Christmas is 7 weeks away. But Elder Hansen and I have big plans for this transfer! Although some of the people here are unsure about things and apprehensive about baptism and the church, we are confident we will have success! We just need to have faith in the lord and do our work and he will take care of the hearts of the people! One of the people we have become good friends with has really took us under his wing and we have had some good times with him! Last Monday he took us all golfing up in page and we had an awesome time and I think I'm ready for the PGA lol. After golfing he took us to a side trial at horseshoe bend so it wasn't so crowded and it was incredible it is so gargantuan, one wrong step and you could be right back to your heavenly home. But it has been so amazing being immersed in the gospel and the scriptures everyday. My testimony of the book of mormon and of jesus christ and his atonement has grown so much! God's plan is a perfect plan, and although it may be a little difficult for us to see that right now or to follow it right now, we just need to let our faith carry us! And being out here really makes me appreciate my blessings at home Haha. And shoutout to elder mora for bringing another soul to christ with his recent baptism! And shoutout to all my other missionary friends that have made the choice to serve the lord and take a break from all worldly things! This work is hard, I didn't quite realize that really until this week, it really is. But there will be no greater blessings, for anyone not just full time missionaries, then serving the lord and loving his children. Alright and to put the cherry on top, here is the joke of the week. What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? Supplies! Love you all.

Elder Weaver


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