October 29, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 10/29/18

Hello everyone! This week has been fantastic. We got to work with some more of our members this week and i also got to see the edge of my zone and the mission! Once you get past the fact that there is no trees, this place is honestly a gorgeous desert. There are cliffs right behind our trailer and cliffs on the far edge of the valley past the grand canyon that are also in our area. And we got to walk over the grand canyon on this bridge and holy cow it's so big and deep haha I was trippin a little bit because I'm afraid of heights haha. But we were able to work with the first counselor in the bishopric last Saturday and he is an awesome man and he has a lot of stories to tell. He also lives way out in the boonies haha it took us like an hour to get to his house and he only has one neighbor at all. And he had some crazy stories to tell us haha everyone our here has such entertaining stories it's so cool to hear them. Anyway, we have been teaching this one man and helping him work through the addiction recovery program and it is amazing to see miracles at work. The first miracle came when he called us and told us that he made the decision to quit drinking for good and has now been sober for 9 days. The next miracle came when he showed up to church yesterday, I have never seen him at church, but it is so good to see him give his heart to the lord. Also the man I talked about last week that weaves rugs confirmed his intent to be baptized on the 10th! It is so amazing to see his testimony grow! He told us that he has hundreds of family members that he wants to share the gospel with! It's so amazing to see the chain reaction that missionary work can turn into. In all honesty, whether you believe in the doctrine of the church right now or not, there is no denying the happiness and joy that being a member of the church can bring. Whether you know it for yourself right now or not, stay active or become active and have faith in the teachings, and as you learn and show your faith to god, you will know for a certainty of the truths which we teach. Also I want to say happy 12th birthday to my sister Tessa! Everyone should take a minute and tell her happy birthday she has been excited for her 12th birthday for a long time! I love you Tessa! And also happy Halloween to everyone this week! I would love to see all of your costumes so send me pictures of them! And to end it here is the joke of the week. This one is a viewer submission and also Halloween themed. Why doesn't the mummy get to have very much fun? He's too busy wrapped up in other things! Attached are a few images. One being some burgers I made for a new convert, because I'm so good at making burgers and my dad mentioned to me he wish he could be eating my burgers. The next are a sheep skin that was given to me and the one in the bath tub is it when it was disgusting and dirty and I had to work that thing with all my might it took days haha and then the after picture of it all clean. And then the grand canyon again because it is just so darn grand.

Love Elder weaver


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