October 22, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Reeves

Group Email 10/22/18

Hello everyone! It has been another amazing week out here on the Navajo reservation! We have got a few new people that we are teaching and talking to and it is so amazing to see how coming closer to Christ brings so much joy into their lives! We have been teaching this one man who had rejected the missionaries in the past but his heart most definitely was softened. Everything we have been teaching him he has soaked in and has taken it to heart. He is eager to come to church and he always reads the scriptures we give him. We have him on baptismal date in november but we think we will be able to move it sooner. And he is incredible at weaving! He has two weave stands in his living room with partial rugs on both and he says that one of them that he sells for $1500 and the other for $10,000! I think i need to make the investment of buying a weave stand and learning how to do it so i can get some extra pocket change lol. Anyway, my companions and I were able to go to our other branch for the first time I've been here, which is the Coppermine branch, which is just up on top of the cliff. Let me tell you a little bit about Coppermine. There is only 1 paved road that I know about, it is probably between 75 and 100 square miles, and most of the homes (trailers or hogans) are more than 3 miles apart. Coppermine is absolutely crazy and there's is nowhere in my life that ice been that can compare to it. It's a really pretty area and there are huge boulder like hills all over it, but it's a lot of sand and cacti and brush, with a few trees scattered all over the place. We also got the chance to go to the edge of the Echo Cliffs and it was absolutely stunning. It's a huge drop and we saw a piece of an amazing sunset, with huge storm clouds over top that we saw lightning shooting out of. God really knew exactly what he was doing when he created this earth, and especially Arizona. That storm cloud brought a crazy storm to us in the trailer last night. Rain was pounding on the Windows and thunder was actually shaking our trailer because of its proximity to us it was so entertaining. I know that the lord has a plan for us and that there is no better plan! He cares about us and loves us so much. He gave his son up for us so we can repent and come back to live with him again! We all need to better take advantage of the opportunity we have to use the atonement and the gift of repentance in our lives. The book of Mormon is not only life changing but it's a fantastic book with an awesome story. Also shout out to Elder Reeves mom for buying us all matching ties! Here is my joke of the week. What is a missionaries favorite kind of car? A convertible!! I love you all! I'll be here all week! Thank you bittersprings!

Elder weaver


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