October 8, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Reeves

Group Email 10/8/18

Hey everyone! Sorry for the awful email last week I was short on time. But being out in the mission field is awesome! We live in Bitter Springs and we are serving in the Echo Cliffs branch and the Coppermine branch. And just to make everyone jealous we drive a 2018 Toyota Tacoma and oh boy it is so nice. But Arizona is gorgeous! There's so many cool rock formations and we are going to see that grand canyon soon and horseshoe bend. And we have had some absolutely crazy thunderstorms! They come rolling in and they are way dark but watching the lightning is so entertaining. And on Saturday we got some insane hail it was crazy. And this week we also got our truck stuck while it was pouring and it took us an hour and a half to get it out hahaha. And then this morning for p day we went fishing with one of our new members. But the work is going great! We have some amazing people we are teaching and everyone out here is so humble and kind. I'm so glad I have had the opportunity this past weekend to be able to listen to the prophets and apostles speak during general conference! I know that the lord guides and directs them in everything they do. And I know that it's important that we start using the full name of the church! Jesus Christ is the center and focus of the gospel and we need to make sure we remember that! And also the revelation that we got on Saturday concerning the new Sunday schedule that will be implemented in January is crazy! It will be cool to see that change in peoples lives and in families with them studying the gospel more in home. And I know and can testify that it has been, and will now be more than ever, very important that the gospel is taught inside the home! I know that it's all good and nice that church isn't so long haha but it's important to realize, like elder Bednar said, that it isn't just about a shortened church schedule. I know and love this gospel and I know that reading the book of Mormon and following its teachings can bring you closer to Christ than anything else in the world! I feel so blessed to be able to serve in the greatest mission in the world, but I know that all service and missionary work is great in the eyes of our heavenly father! Thanks to everyone that has been emailing and sending letters and things, I feel more blessed now then ever to have the family and friends that I do. I love each and every one of you and I know that our Savior does too. And my mailing address is P.O. box 86 Page, AZ 86040 ;)

Elder weaver


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