September 24, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Strickland

Group Email 9-22-18

Hey everyone, it's ya boi. First I just wanna say thanks to everyone that has been emailing me and sending stuff!! I can't say enough about how much the support helps and means to me! This has been another great week! Ive had a lot of fun with my district and zone! And Elder Niel L Anderson came to speak this week! It was so awesome he talked abour temples and how much you can learn in them and it was so powerful to hear him speak and to just be in the presence of an apostle of the Lord! And when we were all singing at the end the spirit there was so thick you could cut it with a knife lol. But it was funny bc he brought some of his grandkids and while he was going around and shaking peoples hands his grandson went around on his own path and was shaking a ton of peoples hands it was way funny cuz he's like 8 years old or something. But as I prepare to depart from thine missionary training center, i have a few more spiritual things to say. I know for sure that this is the one and only true and loving church on earth! I know that our heavenly father knows and loves us and that the book of Mormon is the greatest book to ever be written. I know that through God we can become more than we can ever be on our own. Here are some more pics. Me and more of the elders with lava lavas. A hilarious pic of my guy elder nethercott in some armour for those that didn't get to see it. Elder stowers. Elder Allen. Me and Fred from Scooby doo-spooky island. A nice pic of Fred's birthday party we had. (and one of Cam's last haircut before leaving the MTC--mtb)


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