September 15, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Strickland

Group Email 9-15-18

Hey everyone! The MTC is awesome! The spirit is great, it's just that nobody likes to be here haha. Everyone is just anxious to leave and go serve the lord in our respective missions. But I've had an awesome week! I've learned so much haha I am just like a sponge soaking it up. Our branch president here is such an amazing man and he has such a close relationship to God it's so awesome he is so inspired and he teaches us amazing things. The food here is alright not bad but there is PLENTY to go around 😂 I have gained like 7 or 8 pounds in the 12 days I've been here haha it's alright tho I don't mind lol. And i dont wanna be "that guy" but I have heard a few really influential things this week that really stuck with me, one of them being I know the lord can take care of you all better than I would be able to if I was at home. Another one is that the lord has his own timing! He knows our lives better than we do and he knows whats best for us and when it will help us the most. The time of Christ is drawing near and we all need to be ready for it! I hope to bring as many of his children back to him as I can! I love everyone of you! I appreciate the emails and support that I've gotten! You will only be getting one more email from me in the mtc while I'm here in the mtc because I leave in 9 days! Here are a few pics I've taken this week. Me and my district elders at the temple this morning. Me and elder hill wearing lava lavas (?) That we got from a Hawaiian elder. Those smoke we can see billowing up from the mountains. Love ya

Elder weaver


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