August 21, 2017




Elder Lopez


Hey Everyone,

Sunday night we had received all of the missionaries that were going to go home and I also received my new companion named Elder Lopez. Monday we made all the preparations for the new missionaries and also the departure with the old ones. President invited me to be present for the last dinner. During that time the missionaries began to sing hymns and it was such a moving moment. They all began to cry as they finished singing. We sent the majority to the airport and then received several new missionaries.

Tuesday we left all the other missionaries in the airport who were flying home and also received the other half that were coming in. At night we attended the temple and it was a great opportunity to feel the spirit.

Wednesday we trained the new missionaries and later President asked for me to start to call several of the new trainers (the missionaries that will train the new ones) but not all was concrete. Later that night President invited me to help at the dinner with the new missionaries. He trained them while being there and had me translate.

Thursday we helped them with their visas and finally we helped them get their new trainers. Everyone of the new elders finally got a trainer but there was one of them left. Then President asked me to stand with my companion. He said that we would be training him. His name is Elder Trenkle. He is from Idaho and doesn't speak Spanish very well.

Friday we helped the sister missionaries move their house and on the way over their I received a phone call. I have had bad problems with ingrown toenails for a while and President asked me about my appointment. I said that I had an appointment in 15 days. He said that was unacceptable so he told me that I was going to the hospital and he was going to take me at 6. I went and they did the same operation again but this time they seem to have done a better job. We had a baptismal interview but I wasn't able to make it. I had my to companion go there in support of our investigator. After the operation Presidente and Hermana Alarcón took me out to Wendy´s. It was nice to talk with them one on one. I got to know and understand them better.

Saturday Leonela got baptized! She was so happy and she had such a nice service. After, when given the opportunity to share her testimony she started to cry. She said between tears, this is true. The church is true.

Sunday was a great day. Leonela was confirmed and she was very happy. We later went to the sector to start working but President had told me to not walk a lot to take care of my feet. I planned everything out so that one of my companions would leave with a member for the majority of the day to do visits. But as we were about to do it he threw up and didn't feel well enough to work. I reorganized the plan so that a member would stay with him and me and the other missionary would go and work. We visited our converts, Los Osuna, and we are supposed to go to the temple with them on Saturday. I am very excited! Later we visited Vianka (that is how it is spelled but it is pronounced Bianca). As we talked I felt an impression to stop talking and to listen. After I did she told us that she knows that this is the true church and that the Book of Mormon is true but she just wants to make sure she will be remain faithful after being baptized. I felt that I should give time to my companion Elder Trenkle to talk. He bore his testimony in his broken Spanish and shared a personal story that was awesome. She later chose her baptismal date to be the 23 of September. We felt good after leaving. Then we received a call from Presidente that Elder Trenkle has changes. He went on an emergency change to Durán. We returned to the house and he packed his bags and left. We received a new companion for the day, Elder Arenas. But I was told that a someone else would come in and be in the office. His name is Elder Florian. After receiving Elder Arenas we went to teach Leonela and also to see how she felt about her baptism. She described her whole experience. She said at first when she saw us she didn't feel anything. But as she kept listening she began to feel really good. After a visit with us after we had left she felt really good and said I want to be baptized. At her baptism she said after leaving the water she felt as if she had just left everything behind in the water and that something new was starting to grow in her. She told us in that moment she knew she had made the right choice. We told her we want to review the lesson with her again. As we started to ask her questions to understand her knowledge she taught us the lesson in her own words. It was amazing the understanding that she showed. She really has been chosen of the Lord. I am so thankful that the Lord has provided us the opportunity to help her come unto him.
I love and miss you!


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