July 24, 2017




Elder Cochran


Dear Family,

This week has been an interesting one.

Monday was a hectic day. There was several issues that came up in the office that we were occupied with for a long time.

Wednesday I went to drop off a missionary at the airport at 4 in the morning who has been really sick for a few months. He was extremely sick. He lost almost 40 pounds while being here. He is not a big guy. He had parasites about 4 times. He was a good friend of mine in the mission.
Later I went to the Ministry to renew visas. To end the day I got two more ingrown toenails taken out! They were pretty bad but not anymore. The first time the doctor took out 2 but said they were going to prevent it from happening on the other sides. Because of the"prevention" they gave me two more.
Friday we had an elder who needed a surgery. He was hit by a car (hit and run) and they had to repair his meniscus. Our mission President had prayed to know what he should do and he decided to let him have the surgery. Because my feet were still bad I volunteered to stay the night with him in the hospital so that more missionaries could be in the field. The operation went well and he came out feeling better. I slept on a bed that was smaller than my body in height and width - haha. There was at least one arm or leg hanging off the "bed". We woke up really early in the morning on Saturday to speak with the doctors.

Today we spent the majority of our morning cleaning out the mission house. I will send a picture of how much trash we threw away. It is quite amazing how much garbage can be left in one house and still have room to live in. President got on us for having a dirty house. When he had walked in we had just had a missionary leave a suitcase worth of clothes all over the place, had 4 other missionaries whom had stayed in our house, and we had a sick missionary who is staying with us that made a mess. We spent this morning cleaning and we got rid of heaps of stuff. It was insane! Later he took us out to eat at a buffet named Gran Chef. It was delicious!

Love you all!

Elder Smith


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