May 20, 2017




Elder Cochran

Great Week!

Hey Everyone,

This week has been a good week. We are working with many families to help them to the waters of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost and experience the fullness of joy that we feel. We have a lot potential in our area. We should see several great moments these coming weeks.

Familia Osuna. We have met with them several times and they are so close. They are only lacking a special document that is required for the marriage. They have agreed to go with us Monday to go and get the document. After that we have to set the appointment for their marriage and then do it. After all that we will be in the clear. We have had a difficult time getting the daughter to commit to baptism. This week we decided to teach only one principle and as we taught she was more attentive. At the beginning of lesson she would not pray. During the lesson I also had an impression to ask her to help me to read the Book of Mormon. She did and she was so excited to help and as we made small questions she could answer them and she agreed to say the last prayer.

Familia Alvaracín Párraga. We were able to have a great lesson and clear up lots of doubts concerning what happens after death. Because Jonatan was not reading the Book of Mormon as much as he should have we decided to use the Book of Mormon more in the lesson. We read a passage to help explain what we wanted him to know. Afterwards he told us that he will read more. The other day we passed by their house as we were leaving the sector and we asked how the reading is going. She explained how she was reading out of the gospel principles book or a book we use to teach Sunday school classes and then reading out of the Book of Mormon. She told us, "If I am going to get baptized then I need to prepare myself." They will get baptized the 24 of June!

Adrian. We passed by his house the other day and he told us how he has doubts and he said he only wants to read sometimes. He has already prayed and found out that he is a prophet of God. We visited him and we taught him more about scripture study and his sister was there. She had many questions and he was answering them for her. She had many questions about baptism and he answered them. She asked him "Why have you not been baptized" and he was left. We were able to invite her to church and she said she would come.

Well that is all for this week!
Elder Smith


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