April 29, 2017




Elder Cochran

No Official Letter - just thoughts

This week, actually this month has been really challenging. There was a huge change in the missions - at least in our area. They are trying to get the Assistants out of the office and into the field. It doesn't seem like a big change but for me it was. About 90% of the assignments and responsibilities that they had got dumped on me. I have been trying to do 2 full-time callings/jobs for about a month. I have been so tired and worn out. As President talked with me he helped me see the ways I could get these tasks done and helped me realize I can delegate a little more. Also this week I have waited in line for 4 hours one day, 4 hours another, and 5 hours the next taking care of visas for the missionaries. My patience was stretched and I feel that I have grown from that.
Also another time during this week we helped people get to the airport. We waited for a taxi but we could get one to carry us. Then it started to pour and pour some more. Because no one would take us we got on a bus and it took an hour to get to a place somewhere near the airport. Then after that we tried to get a taxi to get us and finally they did but it took about 15-20 to get there. By the time I got there there was only 35 minutes until their flight took off and they hadn't even checked in their bags. Thankfully we were able to pull it off. During all of this I got yelled at by a person that the church uses to help us with the flights for being late. All of this has been a good opportunity to help me grow.

This week has been really crazy. We have had to help several missionaries in their with their own problems. One of them broke his foot so we have had to take turns staying with him. I haven´t been able to leave the office a whole lot. We have not visited Adrian because school started up again and he is more busy and doesn't answer the phone. The young couple came with us to church and the husband was really curios and asking lots of questions. The wife is a little quieter. They are wanting to come back. Familia Osuna have been awesome. They finally got a job this week and have started working but only receive their salary mensually. We will do 2 more activities to help them and then they should get baptized in 2 weeks. We are actually going to have a baptism tonight! It is a family named Familia Cacuri Merchán. They passed their interview and will be baptized tonight. They are so faithful and humble. They are so willing to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Smith


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