April 15, 2017




Elder Cochran

Elder Christopherson

Hey everyone,
This week has been really great. We have had to work really hard this week and I am a little tired but I am loving being here. This week I found out that 9 people I helped find and or teach have been baptized this past week and that at least 1 more will be baptized in the coming week. I have been very blessed and I know that Heavenly Father is answering my prayers.

Sunday we had 4 people that we are teaching come to church. It was phenomenal. When they were their they were getting to know each other and make new friendships. It was awesome to see. We are expecting 5 baptisms in the next two weeks. We lack 20 dollars to get Familia Osuna married so they can be baptized.

Monday through Wednesday we were sending people home and received and training new ones. In the space of 24 hours I went to the airport 4 times. Some of them were at odd hours in the night and morning. Overall it went well. There weren't any big problems that we had and we were able to work smoothly.

Thursday we visited la Familia Cacuri Merchan. They are phenomenal. The wife is reading the Book of Mormon daily and is going back and reading the parts she read to get a better understanding. She is awesome. He on the other hand doesn't read as much. He gets up at five works by selling a Venezuelan drink until 4 in the afternoon then goes home and makes more until 6 and then continues to work until 10 or 11. He is a very busy guy. We were able to help him find time to do it and pray about it. They told us that they would do it.

Friday we visited a la Familia Osuna. When we arrived we discovered one of them friends had come over to the house. We started talking with him and we spoke to him about the gospel of Christ. He told us that he would come to church with Los Osuna this Sunday.

Today we were visited by Elder Christophersen from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. We had all the missionaries from the Guayaquil missions come in to listen to him. Everyone got to shake his hand and he spoke a lot about the spirit and how to recognize and follow the spiritual promptings we recieve. He recommended writing them down when we receive them. He then stopped and left a promise to all of the missionaries here. He said he knows the Lord is pleased with us. He said like when he God said to Christ he is pleased with him, he knows he is pleased with us. He left us the promise that we will know that our missions are not failures and that the Lord is pleased with us and that we are in the right path. He won´t say we are perfect but he will tell us we are in the right path.

I know that Christ lives. I know he resurrected from the dead. I know we have a Father in Heavens who loves us and desires what is best for us. I know he has called his prophets and apostles here to the earth to bless our lives and guide us. I know he loves me and he loves you all too.


Elder Smith


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