March 25, 2017




Elder Cochran


There was a picture last week of Cameron at a baptism. His mission president allowed he and his companion to travel back to Vinces for the baptism of Gloria: This is what he said: Yes, I was able to go and be a part of her baptism. I gave a talk on the spirit that she will receive. Right now the rest of her family is in the process of getting baptized!!!
Yeah I was so shocked my mission president let us go out there. We woke up at 5 in the morning to get on a bus and go to her baptism. She is definitely my favorite person to teach and my favorite convert!

His Letter:
This week has been a good week. I have had lots of opportunities to grow. We are working to help bring others to come unto Christ.

This week we weren't able to leave into the sector very much because we had lots of work to do. When we did it was awesome. Adrian came to church on Sunday! He said that he liked being there. He had a few complaints about being in the Gospel Principles class but he said he felt good and welcomed. We later visited him this week. We reset his baptismal date for the 15 of April. We taught him about the only true God and how he has given us his spirit to guide us. We talked about how he speaks with us and what we can to do receive an answer. As we taught I felt very guided by the spirit. He understood what he was supposed to do. I have faith that he will do it. We also were able to help a family named Los Osuna. They are planning to get baptized the 8th of April. They have been waiting for a long time but now we are have plans to help them get their visa and cedula or ID and then get married. That should all happen next week. We´ll visit them tonight to give them smoke detectors that the mission can´t use. They will use those to earn money to get baptized.

This Tuesday we had house inspections. The week before when I was checking the house for cleanliness I realized it was going to take a lot of work. It was so dirty from years of missionaries coming and going and leaving their old things at the mission home. I woke up earlier and with my companions we cleaned it for 3-4 hours. It was filthy but now it looks and feels so much cleaner. The spirit is a lot stronger inside our house. When President came to inspect the house he said this is the cleanest he has ever seen it!

This week with the visas has been a little frustrating. I am dealing with the Ecuadorian "tramites" or legal processes. It is a little frustrating because you don´t really find out what you need to do until 4 weeks later or the people you need to talk to aren't there when they say they will. I am just looking at it as a opportunity to develop Christlike attributes and use the atonement to change. In the end I will be a lot better person.

Elder Smith


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