December 19, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Antezana

Feliz Navidad

Hey family and Friends,

I want to wish everyone a FELIZ NAVIDAD de Ecuador. Espero que disfruten y aprovechen este tiempo. Estoy muy agredecido para trabajar aqui en Ecuador. Gracias por todos.

Tuesday we spent a lot of the day helping pass out flyers for the Luz de Los Naciones. The great part about today was that Eloy passed his Interview and will be baptized tomorrow! To give a background story of him, We found him in the house of an ancient Investigator. We were teaching a lesson and we happened to be there. He is a relative of theirs. He asked us about The Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. We told him what we believed but he told us he wouldn't change because he wants to have fun. I Wanted to teach him but I just felt that right now wasn't his time. Several weeks later we found him again but in the house of a member. He now desired to be baptized. He had avoided those bad thing he was doing before and was asking when we could baptize him. I was astonished. All he needed was the lessons.

Wednesday we had a baptism! It was the strangest baptism I have seen. We gathered at the church and Eloy and his family came. His mother started to cry. We thought it was because it was a special day. Later during the baptism, she balled. When he entered the water and the priest was saying the prayer, she screamed ESTOY PERDIENDO a MI HIJO! I am losing my son! After this she fainted. I was astonished. When I looked at Eloy he didn't flinch. HE didn't open his eyes at all. He continued because he knew that this was right. He had sacrificed so much to get to be baptized. He is now born of God!

Thursday we had a dinner with the President.It was awesome. We all did a musical number, each zone did a separate musical number. Later he spoke to us about the condescension of God. This is what we are celebrating right now. We should also remember that it was not the baby Jesus we worship but the Jesus that suffered in Gethsemane for us.

Friday we practice for the Light of the Nations. I am in a caroling group that walks around singing songs and inviting others to find a seat and take pictures. Later we taught Irvin. We tried to commit him to be baptized but he resisted. He wants to know everything before being baptized. We will see.

Saturday was the big day. I sung, contacted, handed out Liahonas and pamphlets of the Restoration. I got to sing with a group of missionaries and it was awesome. I could feel the spirit strongly as I concentrated on the words. I know that there were some that felt the same way.

Sunday we attended church. In second and third hour we spent it organizing the references we received from the activity. the day before. Later we taught a man named Luis. He is a drunkard that told us he needs help. We couldn't help him today because when we tried to talk to him he couldn't remember what he said. He and his family need the gospel of Christ. they need the happiness that it offers. We are going to visit them a little later this week.

Scriptures: 3 Nefi 29:3, Mateo 16:24, Mateo 8:2-3, 4 Nefi 1:24, Mateo 9:11-12, Mateo 10:19-20, 2 Nefi 4 :16-32, Mosiah 28:1-4, Mormon 3:20-22


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