December 5, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Arenas


Hey Everyone
Thank you for all your prayers especially at this time of year. I hope you all are getting into the spirit of Ilumina el Mundo (#LightTheWorld). I invite all to participate in it to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Tuesday we visited Areli. We are trying to work with her but she doesn't want to get baptized right now. She has had a dream of her getting baptized but she doesn't want to right now. Today we also contacted a lot through the Calendar of Light the World. We are inviting many to participate in this event.

Wednesday we taught Carlos and Maritza. We taught them Lesson 1. I listened to the spirit during this lesson. I was able to teach what they needed to hear. After I recited the first vision I felt that I should ask how he feels. He said he felt a joy and a peace. I was able to testify of the spirit. It was great. Today I was also called a sinner and an adulterer by someone in the street. It surprised me but I just laughed. We later tried talking to the wife of one of our Investigators that is a Jehovah Witness. She is against the church strongly. My companion tried to use scriptures to prove we are right but she didn't have any of it. I knew all I could do was bear testimony of the BoM. When I did there was a stillness and a peace for a moment. It was phenomenal. She still is a little hard-hearted but I knew I did what I could.

Thursday was my 12 week follow up. I learned many things. One of them is that we are here not to chastise the people but to show them God's love. This made me think that I need to represent His love more. I also learned that we are here to help these people receive the restored gospel. Not only teach but help. We also gave service to an old folks home. We gave out candy and sang to them. I went in thinking of myself but left thinking of others. In that home I truly saw God's Children. I saw how merciful he is to us. How loving he is. How kind he is. This was one of the highlights of the week.

Friday we had intercambios. I loved working with Elder Alvarez. We first taught a man named Alexis. He recognizes he needs to change and he desires to find the correct path for his children. I felt that we were able to teach him according to the spirit. I felt a love for him afterwards because I was helping instead of teaching. Later we taught we taught Familia Bone. They are investigators that have been listening for about 1 year. We figured out that in this year they have not understood how to recognize their answers. I felt a prompting to ask her about how she felt when she gave birth to her baby. She cried when she described the peace she felt. I told that the Holy Ghost speaks to her in this same manner. She will receive an answer.

Saturday we taught Adrian our convert. He is preparing to enter the temple. He has his interview soon. It is great to see his progress. We later taught Carlos and Maritza 1 Nephi 6. It was great to explain the BoM and the importance of it. Also the reason for it. To persuade men to come to the God of Abraham to be saved.

Sunday we taught Eloy. He is asking us when he can serve a mission and we haven't taught him the plan of salvation yet. He is really ready to change. He has moved away from alcohol and other bad things to be baptized. I truly hope he continues in this path to be baptized. Today we also found out that my trainer will go to Quevado and their will be another Elder coming here. My new companion is Elder Antezana. He is from Bolivia and he really appears to be motivated and obedient. He really appears to be focused on the mission.

Scriptures: 3 Nefi 11:8,11; Matthew 7:5,7-8; Alma 26:27; 3 Nefi 12:23-24; Mosiah 14:3-6; 1 Samuel 15; 3 Nefi 13:3-4, 21, 25, 28-31; 3 Nefi 14:11-12; John 15:16; 3 Nefi 18:7,11,15


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