August 27, 2016


Missionary Training Center


Elder Perrins

Week 4!!!

This week I wasn't sure how it was going to go but it turned out phenomenal. This week was full of improvement, learning and the Spirit. It was fantastic. Thank you guys again for sending me a package this week. The Sparkling cider and Cinnamon roll bread was really good!

Sunday was good. I prepared a talk on the Book of Mormon in Spanish today. I really tried to follow the spirit as I prepared it. I made it my goal to listen to the spirit. Later during district meeting I had a thought not of me. It was to share a scripture I read in the temple. It was in 3 Nephi 17:16-17, 20-21. I didn't feel anything in the temple besides that I needed to read this scripture. I didn't feel different after reading it but I knew I needed to read it. I still didn't feel anything as I was getting ready to speak I went forward in faith praying to have the spirit as I spoke. Once it was my turn to speak the spirit caused my voice to tremble. I could not explain why. I started to feel the love of God as I explained how fantastic the Lord's prayer to the Father . That was the biggest success for today. We also got to listen to the Nashville Tribute band which was pretty cool. They had music about the restoration that was cool to hear. The best musci was a special number by and Elder from Japan and a Sister from Maryland. They sang Savior, Redeemer of my soul. It was on of the most beautiful songs I have heard because it made me reflect on what the words said. It gave it a whole new meaning.

Monday, this wasn't my best day. We had a lesson with a fake investigator and my companions didn't give me the time I wanted to talk. Eventually they gave me a small portion but I was so lost and I was upset so the spirit left me. I was left useless. Later I realized I needed to be more patient with them. They are still learning just as I am. Later we watched a video on charity. It was very inspirational. The part that touched me the most was when a man said that he needed spiritually saved. He said it was interesting how in order to help ourselves we need to serve others. One cannot help ourselves by helping only us. We must have the pure love of Christ. Even though I have my struggles and I want to try to fix them by my own means, the best way may be charity. That was powerful.

Tuesday was good. We did a role play where we were asking each other what our struggles were in the MTC and how prayer could help. I forgot to write this in my Monday section but Monday night I was trying to say a prayer but in the middle of it I felt hot and I needed to get out of bed. I did just that. I then read out of the Book of Mormon and the white handbook. As I read out of each the thought came to my head that I needed to develop more faith. I shared this experience with another missionary as we were role playing. He then told me that I need to act in faith. He told me an experience about him when he had to leave a friend because they were very disobedient and how he was blessed for it. It was great.

Wednesday. Today I realized the importance of aligning my will with the Father's as I was pondering the scriptures. This is where I need to act in Faith. I need to trust that the the plan he has for me is the right one. Later we taught Julio, our fake investigator. It went better. The spirit was their throughout the lesson. It wasn't strong but it was present. The one thing that I would have changed is how we pester him to be baptized before he receives a confirmation from the spirit that the Book of Mormon was true.

Thursday. Today was Elder Perrin's birthday. We bought him a t-shirt of his missions. I think that he will like it. Today we taught my teacher our final lesson with her because she is leaving for BYU Jerusalem. We were supposed to teach her about the second half of the restoratino but when we started talking with her I had a thought that it would be more confusing if we didn't start over. I asked my companions if we should but they ignored me and taught my part of the less as well as theirs. They didn't give me anything I could share with her. As they taught, she became more and more confused. I was only given an oppurtunity to speak when they could not think of anything else to speak of. I prayed before to have an opportunity to teach and thankfully the Lord granted me one. I was able to discuss with her, her questions about the gospel and how it can bless her. The spirit was so strong. The spirit told me exactly what I needed to say. I then bore testimony of the Atonement and the Gospel of how it could change her life. I knew that because it changed mine. When I could not find the light, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement gave me that light that I need. I told her she could have that same experience. The spirit was very powerful at that moment. Her eyes began to tear up a little. It was such a great experience. Both companions thanked me for my testimony. Once Hermana Thomas returned from the room, we as a district asked if we could each bear testimony to her. I bore my testimony and it was filled with the spirit again. As we each finished our testimonies it seemed that the spirit was tangible. It was magnificent. The spirit remained with me for a long time. I treasured that experience in that room.

Friday was a good day as well. We began the day with a companionship inventory. I went well! I told them that I didn't feel like I got to speak in the lessons. I kept bringing up the point and they both caught on. We then went and taught a lesson. This was by far the best lesson we have taught. It was because the spirit was so strong throughout it and we listened to it. We talked about him wanting to change but it was hard for him. I felt that I should talk about the Atonement. I asked him to read a scripture, 2 Nephi 26:24. Then I testified that Christ suffered for his sins. Because of Christ's suffering, he could overcome those challenges he has and receive the help he needs from through the atonement and the Holy Ghost. He started to wipe his eye. I felt the love of God for that man and I know he felt it too. We then talked about how through baptism he can receive the help he needs through the Holy Ghost. He talked about how he was already baptized in the Catholic Church and how they have the proper authority along with the Mormons. We dug deeper to understand what the Catholic church would do and see if the spirit would prompt us to talk about a flaw in their church. Instead the spirit prompted my companion to talk about the Apostasy and lead up to the story of Joseph Smith again. I then felt I needed to tell Julio what Joseph Smith said in the sacred grove. I recited it and their was a tranquil felling that enveloped the room. I then told him that God has the answer to his question. He knows the truth. I know this because when I did not know which Church was true, I asked him. He answered. We then committed him to pray to know which church is true. This was the highlight of the week. The spirit was so strong. I could not believe it.
Later today there was a war of words in our district. Three people started to get angry and yell at each other. I was not in the room for this thankfully. We decided as a district to have a "District Inventory." Those people who were yelling apologized. I felt prompted to ask everyone if we could go around the circle and each member would compliment every member of the district. I told them that they didn't have to do it but I want to. I wasn't sure of everything that I was going to say but the spirit enabled me to do that. Then all member but 2 followed my prompting. It was outstanding. It really built District unity. Later today I realized I need to come unto Christ. I thought my relationship was sufficient but he obviously wants me to come unto him more.

Today was pretty good. when I went to the temple I had the question of how do I come to Christ. Or what I needed to believe. I then asked the Lord to help me find something that I need. I opened the scriptures up to Romans 7 randomly and I started to read the chapter. Romans 7:14-25 was perfect. It told me that I have the potential to do good by myself but I won't do it. The law is spiritual and I am carnal. I can't measure up to these laws or follow them. I need the help of the Savior, otherwise I am nothing. With the Savior I can do all things. With the Savior I serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. It was very powerful and changed my perspective. It was awesome to see the Lord work that miracle into my life.

That's it for this week. Again your favorite Elder,

Love Elder Smith


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