April 9, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Findlay


Hey Everyone,

This week has been a little rough. I have had to stay in the house this week resting because of my back. It started to get better this week but today it got worse again. I also have another ingrown toenail that they will have to take out. Now they will take out the whole nail. We will see how that goes. Also things aren't going too well for us in our sector still. We can´t seem to find the people that want to come unto Christ. It has been a real struggle for us. The good news is that we are doing a lot better as a zone. This zone has always baptized a small number of people. around 2-3 a month. Sometimes more sometimes less. Last month we were able to baptized 9 people in the zone and it looks like we will baptize around 13 this month. Good things are starting to happen here in this sector where missionaries haven´t baptized nor brought people to church in months are now starting to change and to bring people unto Christ. It has been an awesome change that has been happening.

Something that I am starting to understand a lot better is how forgiveness works in our lives. When we hold on to the anger that we have because of the way that someone has treated us it begins to destroy us. We start to become different people. We can almost lose ourselves and lose our motivation that drives us. As we learn to forgive others whether that person had the intention of hurting us or not our heart can be filled with love. We can live as followers of Christ. For maybe a moment we may experience a little of what it was like for Christ when many rejected him. Or what he feels like when we reject him. I am so grateful that even though we cannot be perfect and we experience the overwhelming effects of sin that our Lord and Savior has taught us how we can be filled with love once again. I am so grateful that he has provided the means of this great miracle that can happen in us.

Elder Smith


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