April 2, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Findlay


Hey everyone,

This week has been difficult but I am still remaining strong.

In our sector it has been going very slow and hard. Almost everyone of the references that we got from our activity of the "open chapel" have rejected us. We had two good days this week when we found several people that are really good but for one reason or another things happen where we can´t meet up with them. It is difficult but I know that the Lord´s wants to purify us and to break us to make us stronger. He loves us so much to let us be tested. To invite us to repent like Sydney explained in her letter.

My health this week has been not well. On top of ingrown toenails, Urinary problems, Stomach Problems, Eye problems and some that I may be forgetting, I have had a back pain that has come that I don´t understand how or why I have it. I went to the hospital today and they said it is abnormal that someone of my age have something like this. I will have to have 10 sessions of physical therapy and be on some heavy medication that we make it hard for me to work effectively. They are muscle relaxants that make my mind process things slower and some of them will make me drowsy. I don´t understand what is happening nor why but I can only trust that this will be for my good. That maybe with this that I am suffering that I may be able to have more compassion for others. To be able to mourn with those who mourn. And lift up someone else. Maybe Christ wants me to act and feel more as he does. Maybe we wants me to greater understand the pain and anguish of his sacrifice. I don´t know but I know that the Lord doeth nothing save it be for the benefit of the World because he does love the world. I know that Christ is my Savior. I know he and our Father are one in thought and in purpose and action. I know that these are true because the spirit has testified them to me. I know that the Lord wants us to know more of his plan. I know that we can be guided as we listen to the Prophets. I sustain them and yearn to receive there counsel. I hope that when I analyze and study their messages that the spirit of the Lord may manifest to me how to be a better disciple of Christ. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


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