March 26, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Findlay


Hey Everyone!

This week it has been a week of trials again. But not a week of complaints, rather of hope that in some moment that those many who we have talked to and invited to come unto Christ that they may be prepared to receive other missionaries in the future.

This week we had our 100 hours of sacrifice where we were outside of our house from 7 in the morning until 9:30 at night. The results that we had were not so good. I cannot count how many times we were rejected, lied to, and avoided. We had so many appointments planned that for one reason or another had fallen. It has been a trying week. Also we had several people tell us to go back to our country or to return to Utah. Also these week I have had several new health problems arise. I have been having pain in my eyes and headaches. Also I have been having many other strange pains that have been bothering me. It has been a week that has been very hard. The good thing is that I have a hope, I have a hope that those who didn't accept us, who despised us or lied to us that one day God may let them have another opportunity to accept the Restored Gospel in their lives. God may grant them with the opportunity to feel the confirming witness from the Holy Ghost that this is His church and that he loves them. This is my hope. I hope that one day when they are looking for truth that they may receive the guidance and direction to find us, the servants of the Living God, that they might have access to his abiding love. That we may be inspired to know what to say that we may be inspired to find them and that we may have brotherly kindness towards them that when they see our service and feel our love that it would be as if they saw our Savior minister unto them. And when they do they will feel the arms of our Heavenly Father around them telling them how much he wants them to come unto our Savior so that they may not be lost. I love my Lord and Savior, He is my Rock and Salvation. I know that through Him that our Father in Heavenly will receive us into his kingdom. I know we are servants of the Living God and have a sacred call to gather the children of Israel. I know God inspires men and calls them to his work. I know that his priesthood bless our lives and that it provides us with the opportunity to be changed by the Atonement of Christ. I know He lives and He rose on the third day. I have a confidence in Him that impels me to work even when my mortal body tells me not to or when my mind runs weary.
Love you,


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