December 4, 2017


Vinces, Ecuador


Elder Eldredge

No letter - just answer to questions

1. Are you doing anything fun for pday?
Today no. We are going to do something really cool next week. We are going to do a week of 100 proselyting hours. Which means we are out of the house by 7 in the morning and we come back at 9:30 for 7 days. I don´t know if I will be able to write next week.

2. Was Belen able to be baptized?
This week she will be!!
4. How are your feet doing this week?
4. Fun story. I got called on Tuesday asking about my foot and I was told to go to Guayaquil to take it out again. When I went it was 6 north american missionaries that went to take out there in growns. When they took us to the hospital Sister Alarcon had to take care of a couple problems. As soon as she left we were told by the nurses that we need to take all of our clothes of and put on the hospital gown to get the operation. we were all really confused but we did it anyway. Then we were told that they need to take blood samples from each of us. So they did and we ( 6 American Elders) were sitting in the hospital waiting in our hospital gowns to see what happened next. Later Hermana Alarcon walked in and she resolved the problem and we continued with the normal operation. They gave me the 10th operation on my feet!. Now I am waiting for it to heal.
After I got my surgery again he interviewed me and he talked to me about my toenails. He said he doesn´t want to send me home but there needs to be a solution to this problem. He told me that it is possible that the field is not for me and that I might return to the mission office so that I walk less. He asked me to give him a transfer to think about it. I am not sure what to think.
6. Do the Ecuadorians eat special foods for Christmas time?
Something called Pan de Pascua

More on his feet...
I love being out in the field. I love working hard here and want to keep doing it. I love learing how I can improve how to bring others to Christ. I love the opportunities to let the Lord work through me to bring others to his fold. I don´t want to go home. I fear that that decision is on his mind because this has happened more than 10 time. If I couldn´t work effectively out in the field I would be okay with going back to the office. I could still be a full time missionary and continue to serve him. If I keep on getting in growns I would prefer to go to the office.
I believe he knows I can work effectively but he is concerned because I need to rest my feet after an operation not to mention take a day of for the operation. Also after words I have to walk in flipflops and I have to walk slower because of the pain and because of the fear of injuring it more. I will continue to work hard here in Vinces until I rececieve that call. If he calls me to work in the office it is a call from the Lord. If he tells me I must pass through more trials of ingrown toenails while I am here in Vinces I will do it. If he tells me that he wants to go home I will pray about it and ask the Lord for guidance and whatever the answer is I will act on it.


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