November 27, 2017


Vinces, Ecuador


Elder Eldredge

No Letter - just answers to questions

I don`t have a lot of time but one miracle is that after working really hard this week and praying to find the people that will build this branch we got in a motor taxi and the driver started talking to us about religion and how he wants to know his purpose in life . We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and we showed him Alma 42 and we are going to meet with him this next week.!

Regarding his new companion and area:
Yeah we are starting to change a lot of things. We are doing a lot to leave earlier in the morning to work. We are starting to see the results. Before there wasn`t much progress but we have found 8 new investigators and we have plans to find at least 10 more families this week.
5. Some of them remember me here but some of them don't. It is the same area but the area where we work has changed. The ones that remember were excited to see me. Especially Gloria Villamar. She was the person I got to see baptized in March. His wife referred to me as John the Baptist because when I was here the last time we found more or less 7 people that got baptized. She said I prepared the way for the other missionaries to baptize.

Regarding his feet and infected ingrown toenails...9. My feet are still infected and I feel another ingrown coming on. I don`t believe that while being in Ecuador and walking all day that it will be healed. The antibiotics have taken a little away but the infection is still there.


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