September 18, 2017




Elder Marquez

Answers to questions

He wasn't able to write a letter. He just answered some questions I had :)

1. This week I was taken to the hospital to the emergency to get my ingrowns taken out because they were bleeding and infected. They gave my toes lots of shots and they took both of them out. This time I feel that they were a little smarter. They took part of the root out as well.
4. (I asked if he was able to get a Pday today...)Today no. I thought I was going to. There are so many things that are happening. I don´t know if I will write today but in case not I will tel you some of the highlights. President confirmed that I will be leaving the office on the 26th of September. He said I would be training and I would be a district leader. He said he is going to put me in an area where they barely baptize. He said he is trusting that I will work there. He said he has seen that by the way I work in the office even if I have in-grown toenails. Also the mission nurses are getting taken out and I am taking on their job until the change. Also one of my converts gave me a really nice letter explaining a little about who she was before and how grateful she is for the restored gospel. She bore her testimony to me in the letter.
5. Not really. My companion who will replace me works a little slowly. It is harder to leave the office and work in the sector
9. I love you so Much!!!!!!!!!!


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