June 24, 2019



Branch Conference and Grateful

This week we had branch conference. Lots of people came yesterday (we filled the chapel with all the old people who came from the family group in Miramar) and they talked about maybe finding a new casa-capilla. Which would be awesome because the church is super tucked away in the corner of the city.
Thursday we had a openhouse in the church. We contacted the city for an hour and invited so many people and literally 5 people came. The members were kind of frustrated, but I was mostly just impressed that tehy pulled of getting the open house togehter. But the point stands that the chapel is way hidden.
President made today deep cleaning p-day. So nobody could leave their area and everyone has to send him a picture of their room super clean. I threw out so much random stuff old missionaries left in the room. My mom would be super proud
Also last Tuesday we went to a pueblito called Colan and there are only 2 members who live there but they gave us 6 references (new ppl to teach and they showed us their house and taught with us) and they are super awesome. We could be the first missionaries to actually start working there so that is kind of exciting too. The people there were super nice. Working there is an awesome opportuinty.
General Conference this April was so good. My favorite talk (for now) is The Atonement of Jesus Christ by Tadd R. Callister. 
What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? In one sense, it is a series of divine events that commenced in the Garden of Gethsemane, continued on the cross, and culminated with the Savior’s Resurrection from the tomb. It was motivated by an incomprehensible love for each of us. It required a being who was sinless; who had infinite power over the elements—even death; who possessed a boundless capacity to suffer the consequences of all our sins and ailments; and who, in fact, descended beneath it all.1 This was the mission of Jesus Christ—this was His Atonement.

The Savior’s Atonement is not only infinite in scope but also individual in reach - that it can not only return us to God’s presence but also enable us to become like Him

That was a strong talk
This computer has Windows XP and it is super fast. But also Windows XP is old and weird. and the computer wont read my usb drive so sorry.

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